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    Hi Elaine!
    How have you been? It has been awhile, and I miss you!!
    I was looking through the paper, and saw an ad for the new GNR CD, and I immediately thought of you! I suppose you already have your copy? Do you like it? I am dying to hear your review.

    So how have you been? I have missed you! I have been away awhile....things got really busy for me. And when I came back, the new boards were too confusing for me. I am glad they changed it back to be similar to the old forum.

    So please tell me what has been going on? I want to hear all about things.

    I am doing just "ok". Many issues with new meds not working, and terrible flare-ups....not fun. And I am supposed to cook tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I am praying I can pull it off. I hate never used to be like this.

    Well, I hope this note finds you well. And I hope to hear from you soon!! Miss you!
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    You make me laugh.....I can just picture you at the store frantically trying to get your copy of the CD. Too funny. So yes, I would like to hear your honest review of the CD.

    So you are dating John Smith? Please do tell where that nickname came from....that is the most generic name there is, right? I want to hear all of the DETAILS!! How long exactly have you been seeing this chap? How did you meet? What do you do for fun, ect... (is that too much?) Ah...I am happy to hear you found someone....that is really great.

    Yes, I have been doing really bad seems like the "flare" that just won't quit. And none of the meds that I have tried are helping at all. In fact, they seem to have made me worse. So I was reading up on a Dr in my area who treats his FM/CFS patients with homeopathic remedies, and I am thinking about making an appt with him. Only problem is, my insurance won't cover him. But my best friend's mom works for him as a massage therapist, and she has recommended him...she claims he is a true healer. He even has a book out. But my Dr (rheum) told me awhile ago that he is a "quack". Well....he is not helping (though he IS trying) so I don't know why he is being so judgemental.

    Anyhoo, I have been very busy with family and stuff, so I know I haven't been around here much. But I am glad they changed the board. Much easier to read than how it was. I did have a very nice was quiet this year. Only my mom came. (normally I have so many other people, but they all had other plans). Which was nice, because I didn't have the added stress of trying to make the house so perfect and stuff. So I was much more relaxed.

    Well it was nice to hear from you!! And I can't wait to hear more about "John Smith". LOL. TTYS!!
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    I so have missed your upbeat attitude and your enthusiam!! It is so refreshing!!

    Well, I haven't heard any of the GNR CD, but I have seen it advertised quite a bit. I actually saw it at Wal-Mart and I immediately thought of you!! Well, it's nice to hear that he has matured somewhat.

    Yes, I may try a new Dr soon. I really need to do something. Every day is a battle for just seems to be getting harder and harder to get through my day. After working at a highly stressful job 8 hours a day, then coming home to 3 kids who need to be fed; then their homework; or their sports; it is just really wearing me down. I am just not really doing so well as the superwoman/mom that I once was. And it is depressing.

    I have tried to start doing yoga and light excercising. I am in such horrible shape that I cannot even do the simple yoga moves! It is so frustrating because I have been an athlete all my life! I was a figure skater and a cheerleader and a softball I can't even stretch my legs out because my hips are just locked. So frustrating.

    Then I watched Dancing with the Stars...not sure if you watched it. But Brooke Burke won this season. She is my age, and the mom of 4. And she has this killer body and she is able to move like she really made me depressed. I should look like that and I don't. :(

    Well, sorry for the down mood...this is how I have been for months. Maybe that's why I wasn't around here much, because I don't have the enthusiasm that I did last year. I don't know.

    But I am happy to hear all is going well with the new b/f!! That is fabulous news!! I am so happy for you! How long did you say you have been dating? What does he look like?

    Also, I kept meaning to ask...what meds do you take? All of the ones my Dr has tried have not worked, and I stop taking them. Then he yells at me and tells me they won't work if I don't take them for a long time, but I just can't see putting that stuff in my body non-stop...I am afraid of the damage it could cause in the long run. That is why I was looking into alternative treatments. Let me know what is working for you? And also, you never shared those exercises/stretches that you do that you told me about a year ago. I am willing to try anything at this point. I just want my life back so I can be a good mom.

    Well, I hope you are having a good week, and looking forward to the holidays. I'm not looking forward to the craziness of it all, but I am looking forward to the fun. It's sad though, b/c my oldest son just told us he doesn't believe in santa anymore. I am so sad about that.

    Well, I hope to hear from you soon!! Take care!!
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    Thank you sooooooooo much dear!! That is so much info! My head is spinning right now! I am going to print all of this out so I can reference all of it and really try to absorb all of your tips. You are a DOLL!!!

    I guess you are right about the IS really tough even though it seems like it would be so simple. I have never been one that enjoys aerobic-type exercises at all, so I figured yoga would be the way to go since it seems to be mostly stretching and relaxation. I just didn't realize how much my body had "stiffened up" over the years. The old mare ain't what she used to be...that's for sure!

    It is frustrating, because like I said before, I was always very healthy and very athletic all my life. In my early 20's I started weight-training, and worked out regularly. I was no longer playing sports, so I did it to keep in shape, and I had a great body. (although, back then I thought I looked bad, and needed to lose weight....I was so dumb....but that is another story. I would die to look now like I did then!)

    My dh is always trying to get me to work out with him (he lifts weights all the time....we basically have this "gym" in our basement). He is really into fitness and being bulky. He has gained over 50 lbs of pure muscle since I met him. It is very impressive. I just don't have the energy or willpower I guess for that. He even told me he would create a workout for me to help me gain strength and tone, and not to "bulk" me up.

    Well, I went to dh's work x-mas party tonight, and it was very nice. He works in construction, so he has never really had a real Christmas party before. The only thing he has ever gotten from past employers was a pizza and some beer, and a nice winter hat to wear on the job. Or a sweatshirt.

    Well this new company he is working for had the party at a hotel. And they had really great food (I ate too much btw). They had really nice gifts wrapped for the kids, and they even gave gift certs to the spouses! And he got a BONUS!!! This was such a blessing...especially now. They had a balloon guy there who made balloons for the kids, and they had a blast. It was really nice. I am glad we went, but the ride there was pure torture for me.

    I am terrified of freeways/highways. Even when I am the passenger. I can't stand all the crazy people driving like they are on some racetrack weaving in and out.....I am a panicked nervous wreck anytime we are on the freeway. I won't drive on one myself at all. That ended when I was about 23 (long story). But I get so terrified of even being a car on the freeway....I start tensing up, and about 1/2 hr into the ride, I had a splitting headache, and my neck locked up. And by then my kids were all riled up and wouldn't stop yelling and laughing, and my head felt like it would EXPLODE!!

    So then we finally get there, and I am in so much pain I can barely walk, but I went in anyway.....knowing I would have to be introduced to people I had never met before (which is always so scary for me) and I had to try and put on a brave happy face...thinking in my head the whole time that I looked horrible and that everyone could see how horrible I looked. I wanted to look nice, but inside I was dying. All because of that stupid 1 hr car ride. I was so frustrated. But I got through it, I guess.

    Anyway..........yes I could swear it was Wal-Mart where I saw the GNR CD. That is the only store I have been to since it was released. I did hear a news report somewhere that (don't quote me, I can't remember exactly) Billboard reported the weekend of Thanksgiving as disappointing for record sales, even though many shoppers were out buying gifts. (which to me just says that most people are now downloading music instead of buying CD's) - but then they went on to talk about the release of the long-awaited GNR CD, and how it was still strange that people were not buying the CD' the one from GNR, which is one that people would WANT the actual CD, and not just a downloaded burned copy. Or something like that. Again, when I heard that report, I thought of you!!

    Well I must get to bed, as I am EXHAUSTED!! My son's have basketball tryouts in the am, then I have to clean my house. Then we are planning to get our tree and decorate it. Then I have to go shopping for dh b-day gift.
    Then on Sunday, I have to prepare dinner for dh's b-day party, and go to my son's wrestling match (which lasts hours and hours) and then be home to entertain. Just thinking about it has me tired.

    But thank you so much again for the WONDERFUL tips!! They will definitely be put to use. You are a sweetheart. I will talk to you hopefully again this weekend! Have a nice relaxing weekend, and tell John Smith I said HELLO!! LOL.