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    Hi Sandyz, yes it is frustrating. My pediatrician wont give me a referral to get allergy testing, says "It wont show any thing". Makes me mad. I should just pay out of pocket and get it done.

    My girl also has ADHD in addition to Asperger's. She has NEVER been a good eater, except when she was on Risperdal. It gave her a passable appetite.

    She goes on jags where she just eats the same food over and over. Like the corn stuff. She also loves white foods, like rice and potatoes and occasionally pasta. She will not touch meat but she does eat peanut butter and cheese. She hates vegetables except for carrots, celery, and of course the dreaded corn.

    I have basically given up trying to have a family dinner with this kid, because the moment we sit down the food is either too hot, too cold, or the foods are touching one another on the plate, or heaven forbid, someone touches HER food. It is easier to have everyone just help themself and go sit where they want, and let her have her "special meal".

    Sometimes she will eat in a restaurant with us and other times just sit there. Last week we went and she ate a whole Caesar salad AND French fries, and I just about cried for joy. She is skinny as a rail.

    Is your son phobic? Does he have tics or stims? Mine sucks her thumb and rocks herself (at age 17). She is afraid of the phone. Many times she will unplug it and put it in the closet. She refuses to answer it. I have missed many phone calls some important.

    We did not get a correct diagnosis til she was 12, by then too late for early intervention. I knew something wrong from infancy.

    On the bright side she is smart and has a great memory, can recite movie scripts by heart, and is a good artist. Her last neuro testing she was full scale IQ 150, functional IQ 110 so she is certainly not dumb, but extremely odd and no social skills and doesnt want to learn any.

    I am so interested to talk to other people, there is no one else in this town with Asperger and nobody knows what I go through. I have a support group but they are over a hour away in the city so I dont go there very often.

    Asperger's is so frustrating and I wish you and your son well. One day at a time.

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    I am so tired of cooking and trying to get him to eat. It just throws off the whole family meal time so I have given up on it too. He likes hambs, pizza, steak, bread, plain pasta, he doesn`t like corn at all. He will eat spinish and carrot sticks.

    I have a brother that was so picky when we were kids, he would eat cereal, chocolate milk and a little macoroni. He did this till he was about 15. Now he isn`t fussy at all but he does have a lot of stomach problems such as acid reflex. But other then that he is very healthy. So, I tell myself not to worry so much about it but its hard not too. I think there has to be some physical or medical reason that eat like this. I would like to get some food testing done on him.

    My son is very smart too. School is a breeze for him but socially he makes a lot of mistakes. It definetly makes him stick out from the other kids. He is also very clumsey. He plays sports but has a hard time with it. The only phobia I see in him is social phobia. He does rock back and forth sometimes if he is bored or feeling hyper. He is pretty quiet and introverted.

    He is a very good, sweet kid. I think he is gifted in some areas but socially, its a big hurdle for him. I`ve heard Bill Gates has Aspergers. In some ways, it might not be such a bad thing to have. They certainly have the brain power.

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    Is your son on an Ed Plan? My daughter has a 504 accommodation, they have told me for years she is "too bright" for Special Education. It is hard to get her to qualify for anything.

    Your son sounds really smart. Yes, I have heard that too about Bill Gates - gotta love those computer geeks! I tell Amber that she got through middle school (which was just awful) and she will get through high school (one more year to go), and college will most likely be different. I think it is a more tolerant atmosphere. With the Asperger diagnosis I believe she qualifies for a private room or at least one of the "quiet dorms".

    Our town is full of sports jocks and preppies (of which my other child is one!) and there is not much tolerance for diversity at all here so it has been lonely for her to say the least. She was never able to manage the sports thing for being so clumsy.

    She is a very talented artist and wants to pursue that. Right now my husband is teaching her to drive. It is slow going. but I think we will get there.

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