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    Dear Saphire, I didn't see your answer to my post until now. I had said I'm not sure if I actually have asthema. You mentioned a test called a methacholine challenge test. Is that test also known as a complete pulmonary function test? It took a couple of hours to complete, during which I spent some of the time in a sound-controlled booth. The results showed very well controlled asthema. I have been to a pulmonologist. He's the one who ordered the pulmonary function test. To my knowledge, I've only been heard to wheeze a couple of times, but I was having coughing fits.

    My pulmonologist changed my meds, which had been previously prescribed, to Advair 500, which we later reduced to Advair 250, and just this months we reduced it to Advair 100.

    Still, I'm curious, if the test you mention and the test I had were the same, is it possible to have less than definitive results?

    Thanks very much for your input.