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    I had to switch Drs. last year right at the same time that I realized I had FM.(long story)My first appt.(with new Dr.) I was trying to get him aquainted with my medical problems. He tried an antidepressant and switched some of the meds I was on. The next visit(I can only get in every 3 months....we have a doctor crisis here)The next visit he tried nuerontin and something else(I cant remember right now)....none of the meds he tried helped. The next visit in Nov. I asked to try guai and explained the protocol. Well, my next visit is coming up and I am in worse pain,more fatigued,and my cognitive skills have gotten much worse.I do also have lower back problems that are a whole nother issue. I tried seeing a pain doctor(as he wanted) and had the appt. from hell.That dr. did not believe in FM and thought I needed mental help.(Dont get me started) So, I am really trying to figure out what to do for this next visit. I am at the end of my rope. I feel that I am in a battle with no allies or support to help me through this. (my marriage is also in shambles due to my health) I need to know what to ask for from this doctor regarding any medical tests. I have been trying to research the mycoplasma thing but I am a bit overwhelmed by how to present it. Now, this doctor openly admitted to me that he does not know how to treat FM and so that is why he was willing to let me try guai.(guess I am his guinea pig) Since I havent gotten any relief from the guai I am not sure how he is going to respond when I ask to stay on it.
    Ok,this got much more long winded than I meant to so let me be specific

    1. what are the tests that I should request him to run
    2. do you think I should ask to be referred to LA (we are about 5 hours away and really lack any specialty docs here)
    if yes to that question then what kind of doctor should I ask to see?
    3. any other thoughts,ideas,or so on would be helpful and very accepted

    I do want you to know that I have tried to research this site for the answers myself but I guess my brain just isnt connecting because I sure cant find the answers..(from previous posts)...I guess any posts to this will also be helpful for the newcomers here as well as me.
    Please know I so appreciate your time in reading this and all your wisdom and experience you have to share. You have all been such a lifeline to me during a time when my ship is certainly sinking.
    I look forward to your replies........Gentle hugs, Kathleen
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    I would recommend testing for hypercoagulation, reverse t3 and more too numerous to mention. Check posts from jellybelly, and lab tests on this site, there were recent posts, also go to the library here and check through articles on mycoplasm and FM. Go slowly with your doctor, don't ask for 20 tests at once and bring a copy of any article which mentions these tests. Good luck

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    my rhyumy has me on mirapex-its a new treatment still being tested-and alprazalam. the mirapex has helped a lot. have gone from wondering if life was worth it to living again. dont know if yourdoc can find out anything about it.but its worth a try!

    best of luck
    kathy c
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    In my humble opinion, even if you do all the tests under the sun, the ordinary everyday general practitioner wouldn't have a clue what to do with the results, especially if they are "within range" which as we all know means very little. I would recommend finding a doctor who at least has a familiarity with FM.