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    Regarding the disability credits... when they tell you that you don't have enough recent credits there is one thing you can check into, which is how I am doing this now (I had one of the NICE people from the SSD tell me this) That if I can show that I have had this problem with pain, fatigue... before my Dx that that would be the date they would use on the disability instead of the current date of Dx. Does that make sense? I'm in a fog this morning!!! So I am going back to my dr that I was with 6 yrs ago and getting the notes where he began treating me for my pain and everything else and referred me to other dr's. It is documented that they were treating me for this and not knowing what it was yet! I was so HAPPY to learn that you could approach it this way! So... that helps a lot with my credits! I was working back then all the time!