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  1. DeeMerrk

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    Thanks for your input about the guai, let me know about your sister. Now that Mikie is back, I shall write to her.

    That was interesting about the Dr. finding out that his old classmaye is Dr.St.Arman. I am still up in the air about what to do.

    I go a kick out of your rembering me as a "young 70 year old", as I am now a "young 74er" !!

    My best to you: Dee
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    I talked to my Sister the other day, and she seems to be doing ok. I found out that another Friend of mine is doing the Gaui. also, and she say's it's Helped her. She has CFS, but suppect's she also has FMS.

    Hope the treatment works for you, and be sure to hang around to give us updates .