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    What list of products from Pro-Health's Store (or anywhere else) can you recommend for all the FM Ailments and for sleep? Also if you know of anything for weight loss.
    I need a list because I'd like to try and put together a regimen for myself.

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    What list of products from Pro-Health's Store (or anywhere else) can you recommend for all the FM Ailments and for sleep? Also if you know of anything for weight loss.
    I need a list because I'd like to try and put together a regimen for myself.

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    Dear HouseofBlues, I am about two months in to herbals, etc. I know for sure Malic Acid / Magnesium for the pain, also seems to help my sleep, bowels and energy. I drink alot of water and add a drop or two of essential lemon oil a few times a day to help wash out toxins and with respiratory system. I also use trace minerals and "essiac tea" as does Shirl, I'm out and don't know what it did exactly but I feel a strong need to get some more. I also use essential oil mixture to rub on pain areas and get alot of pain relief from that and use aromatherapy along with warm / hot soaks in bath with epsom salts & lavender oil or my hot tub. Purchased B-12 for my brain fog but don't want to try it till someone is home with me as so many things make for palpatations and other strange feelings. Wishing you Peace !
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    So sorry it took so long to get to you, its been a busy evening for me.

    Here is what I take and where from;

    Product; Pro Energy: Malic Acid & Magnesium Glycinate
    (I take one before breakfast, and one before lunch)
    This is for energy and pain.

    Product; Ultra B-Complex (High Potency with Folic Acid)
    (1 capsule after or during lunch) This helps with brain fog, and energy too.

    Product; 800IU's of Natural Vitamin E
    (For numbness, heart, blood etc)

    Product; Ester C 500 milligrams
    (antioxidant, helps prevent colds, virus etc.)

    Product; ZMA (zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B-6)
    For sleep, deep sleep also helps with muscle pains.
    (2 capsules at 10pm )

    Product; Jarro-Dophilus (Probotics)
    3 a day for IBS, replaces good bacteria

    Product; Melatonin (5milligrams)
    To help fall asleep, take right before bedtime.

    All the above can be bought from Pro Health, be sure to ask for a free catalog/Newsletter too. If you want to call the number is; 1-800-366-6056 or you can order on-line.

    Product; Essiac Herbal Tea by Resperin Corp.
    This is a blood/liver cleanser. It is also known as a cancer cure/preventive.
    I take two ounces in the morning two ounces at night.
    Can be bought at most health food stores and Supplement catalogs.

    Product; Polynesian Pure Noni Juice
    (I take one teaspoon before breakfast, one before lunch for my IBS, it is a great product). I order it by the case!
    Can be bought in most health food stores, be sure you get the 'pure' juice or it won't work.

    Product; Natural Calm put out by 'Natural Vitality'
    This is a powdered Magnesium Citrate.
    (I take a teaspoon a day for pain also. But don't take too much it will give you diarrhea).

    I also drink half my body weight in ounces a water per day, with 1/3 teaspoon of sea salt. This has been a blessing to me, my Fibro Fog is so much less, and I feel better too.

    This is about it for the time being, as for a multi vitamin, I have trouble digesting them, so I drink two cans of Ensure a day for the multi.

    Here is some good advice; I strongly recommend you add ONE thing at a time for at least a week or two, this way if you have a problem with a product/supplement, you know what is causing it. If you try to take too much at once then if you have a problem, you would have to quit everything and start over again.
    I learned this the hard way, so though I would pass on this wise advice!

    It took me years to get the right things that I could take. Wasted a lot of money on everything from doctors, prescription meds, and vitamins and herbs too.

    Just remember, we are all different, so some of what I take might not be the right thing for you. It really is trial and error with these illnesses.

    Hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am usually here everyday, but not at a special time.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS, always buy the best supplements you can afford, as you really get what you pay for with supplements. Pro Health has some of the best ones I have ever taken, and I am not just promoting them, its the truth. I have taken there products before I ever heard of this board.

    PSS. Will make a post for you tomorrow about weight loss, I do not have a weight problem, but my husband does! Too tired to type anymore tonight, its 12;30am in Louisiana right now!
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    My advice as well is to try one thing at a time....... the most important thing was not what I wasn't consuming, but what I was. Diet was bigger than supplements for me........ no sugar , wheat(gluten free is best in the beginning), dairy , additives,soda , coffee-- just good home cooked foods with plenty of herbs--no processed foods-cookies chips, etc.

    In terms of supplements-- many vitamins and supplements made me worse--- I get my vitamins from lots of organic veggies, fruits, seaweed etc.-- and good homemade broths-- fresh squeezed juices (escpecially grapefruit). Eat lots of blueberries-most powerful antioxidant of berries--also natural antispasmodic(relaxes muscles) as well as fresh ground flaxseed(grind in your coffee grinder you don't use anymore). Good whole oatmeal (rolled/organic) soak overnight and cook in the morning).

    Supplements for that worked-- Moducare Sterinol (balances immune system)-- took 3 months to really kick in-in the beginning you are gassy but that eventually subsides. Purchase from

    Also had luck with good elderberry/blueberry extracts and syrups. Drink lots of herbal teas-- Roobios(40x antioxidants of green tea), herbs that restore nervous system (skullcap, oatstraw, lemonbalm, etc) I could probably write a book on herbs at this point I've experimented so much.

    Lots of things I took had no effect for me like --blue green algae, MSM etc-but everyone is different-many vitamins made my joints ache--so that's why I say add one thing at a time --but the best thing is a good /allergy free diet.
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    Because of the Guai treatment, I have had to give up my beloved ZMA and magnesium with malic acid, but these two supplements have helped a great many here.

    I use the whey and colostrum to help rebuild my immune system.

    As for weight, ProHealth sells the supplement which encapsulates fat and helps it sail undigested through the intestines. This is very expensive if bought from an infomercial on TV, but it is very reasonable through ProHealth.

    I am on the Suzanne Somers diet to control weight. It's a high-protein/low-carb diet, but it is easier than the Atkins diet to maintain. Her recipes are delicious and she allows some fruit. I lose 22 pounds, but have gained a couple back while my condo was being retiled and I had to eat out.

    Love, Mikie


    You've all provided me with some good info to start with.
    I'm just about at the point where I've given up on my doc's
    so now I'm going to try things on my own.
    It's sad when patients have to take their health care into their own hands because Doctors cannot/willnot provide them with the necessary tests and care that is needed.....