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    This may sound dumb, but if you get your hair in the bath with 3 big bottles of hydrogen peroxide, won't it bleach it? I don't have a soaking tub. I can't soak that good in ours because your head and body are at a 90 degree angle. ha ha Well, let me know..............KCD
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    You must have one of those tubs like mine? What I would not give for one of those big old time footed bathtubs that was too long for your body and you could rest your back on clean up to your neck :(

    No, the peroxide is too low a dosage (3%) to bleach your hair diluted in all that water.

    It has not done a 'thing' for mine in fifeen years now.

    Hope it helps you as much as it does for me..........

    Shalom, Shirl
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    KCD New Member one month. I read your bio and noticed you are from New Orleans. I just fell in love with LA. My husband accepted a job there last month and I had not been to LA before, but am looking forward to the move. I am from Dallas (Rowlett outside Dallas). Talk to you later....KCD (aka Valerie Huse) My kids are Kaylie, Canon and Daniel. Thats where the KCD came from. Bye, Val
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    Like heat and humidity! We have lots of that in this area. It is a beautiful place, lots of plants and wild animals native to here. Alligator country.

    Let me know when you get to Baton Rouge, I am in Ponchatoula thats about 50 miles from where you are going. Maybe we can chat on the phone sometimes!

    Is your husband working for an oil company? Thats what mine does. He is gone for weeks at a time. He is 'somewhere' in the Gulf of Mexico right now.

    Take it easy moving, that can be very stressful and a whole lot of work, I moved here 9 years ago from N.O., and I still have boxes stored that have not been unpacked. I have forgotten what is in them.

    Shalom, Shirl
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