For slowgirl.......... did you have your infusion yesterday?

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    Hi Barb,
    I was thinking about you yesterday. Did you have your dioxychlor infusion? How did it go? Did you have any side effects? I haven't been on the board much. I haven't had any side effects this time. I am taking half tablet(5mg) amitriptyline every day, so I am feeling even more slower and tired than usual. At least yesterday I managed to fall asleep by 1130pm, without the zolpidem. I must arrange my mycoplasma test again. I have also restarted the Imunovir for the high RnaseL.
    Anyway I hope all went well.
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    I just cant believe they would just run out of Dioxychlor, when they know you are scheduled to have it. But then I can believe anything that goes on there. I just cant believe you had to make 2 trips to London this week in this hot weather. I am not surprised you are feeling upset and angry, I would be too. Sorry to seem so stupid, but did you actually get the infusion done after all that today?And I thought you had gone on holiday.
    Gosh, your blood pressure is really low in spite of you taking medication for this. Has it always been this low? The lowest I have noticed mine was 87/57. I dont have BP monitor any more, but it may have gone up now because I am taking more salt and licorice.
    I am not going to have anymore infusions because he had only reccomended 4, which I allready have. I am going to book in for the mycoplasma and Melisa test next week. If I keep on feeling like this on the amitryptiline next week, I am going to stop taking it. I really do not know how people function on a dose of 30mg or so. I was reading in Dr Teitlebaum's book ( From fatigued to fantastic), that Trazodone is the next best thing after Zolpidem and Zalpelon for sleep, so I might ask my doctor to prescribe that.
    Anyhow- so sorry you had such a rough time and hope you feel better soon.

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    Just curious to know what dioxychlor infusion is about. All I could find on the net is oral form.