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    Hi Barb,
    I have used NDF from November until mid April, working my way up to 50 drops daily (stopped for a fortnight now, since on antibiotics). I do not know whether it works. It's certainly frightfully expensive. I used it because I could tolerate it. Chlorella makes me depressed instantly (well, after two hours), Metalfree makes me feel badly ill. A DMSA chelation test made rather ill for a fortnight.
    I'll make an appointment with my holistic dentist in a couple of weeks, as he has a (dubious) way of measuring mercury in the body. If it has gone down significantly, I'll infer that the NDF did some good. If not, I'll switch to Chlorella, starting with mini-doses, and expecting to have the mercury out of my system at the age of 97 ...
    Is the Chlorella you mention special? I remember my doc telling me about a new, well-tolerated type of Chlorella, but can't remember its name.
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    in how you get on with this.
    i've been told not to get fillings removed as will make me worse, have you done this ?
    i have heard of NDF, but can't afford it.

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    16 years ago I saw Jack Levenson expert on amalgam toxicity/sensitivity and pain in the ..... for the British Dental Association.

    Was told I definitely had to have them removed BUT it had to be done the right way.

    Dentist referred me to Guy's Hospital who agreed it worth trying but felt London too far away, that the combination of travelling and treatment would be too demanding. I had loads of amalgam fillings due to a greedy dentist in my student days.

    Guy's referred me twice to the local hospital (here we go again!) but I heard nothing.

    Anyway after some horrific spells in hospital it was decided that the local hospital's dental department should remove my fillings.

    Well they did it, the head of department was so anti the necessary dam, to protect me from swallowing and breathing in the dust, was not provided ++++. Few of the essential protocols were followed.

    When they say improvement can only be achieved if the correct protocol is followed believe me they are right. Was prescribed nutritional chelating agents but they were very expensive and I think I stopped them too soon.

    Don't go through this unless you are absolutely certain it is necessary. If you do decide to go ahead make sure the right protocol is followed.

    Also bear in mind that most UK funding health authorities will not pay for any future non-amalgam fillings which means they will have to be done privately.


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    your experience certainly seems to bear out the advice i was given to Not get the fillings removed, unless they need attention of course.

    i have had no new mercury added in 11 years.

    and in fact i have a real gut feeling that there is less mercury in me now than five years ago because i have had two fillings replaced with white ones in the last 2 years and also i took some detox stuff from the nutrionist that helped me through the process..

    i have managed to get white fillings on the NHS.
    some times i have paid but i have been given the go ahead to get them and a mercury free crown on the NHS.
    which is very helpful because white fillings are not so strong and i find need replacing rather too often.

    do you find this?

    i am also dental phobic, which has made all visits to dentist a mix of comedy and stress.
    i take valium now when i go to make it all easier , but its always very tiring.
    i have a feeling i once saw the great Jack Levenson, if it was him i did not like him.
    despite all his belief in homoepathy and white fillings way back in the 80's.....i remember it was not a good experience....thats if it was him, could be someone else my memory is patchy....understatement.!



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    i am sorry that you feel worse after having your fillings removed.

    i will take the advice i was given to only remove fillings when its necessary, as i posted above to Tansy.

    i know some people do feel better but....too risky.

    am glad your stomach is feeling better...

    i read somewhere here your comments re M.E. centre in Essex.
    years ago i knew of two people who went there, they were better for a short time, then simply slipped back ....put me off....your experience sounds in a similar vein.

  6. sb439

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    it is not a good idea to chelate mercury while you still have fillings in your mouth, as it will take the mercury out of your fillings into your body (and brain!!!), just what you want to avoid.
    If you've been told not to have the fillings removed, this suggests your immune system is not working well. On the other hand, mercury in your body is likely to be one of the things that makes your immune system not work.
    You could choose the smallest filling you have, and have it replaced by an experienced dentist (I mean experienced in removing mercury, if you search 'mercury free dentist' on the web, I think you'll find some info, or alternatively 'mercury' 'amalgam' 'toxicity'). If you keep all other parameters in your life (diet, supplements, meds) stable, you should be able to see what it does to you, and if it's going fine, after a months or so, you could try the second, etc. But if your immune system is very weak, perhaps even one is too much, I really couldn't say.

    I had my fillings removed one by one over a long period of time, and the first ones without *any* precautions, not even dental dams, which I presume (but don't know) made my health worse. The last three I had removed didn't make me much worse, I did one every three weeks.

    yes, Dr. H. it is, although I now live in the US and also see a doctor here, but she's an immunologist. The chlorella he mentioned is the one you take, I now remember, many thanks for the info, I think I'll try and get some; if you couldn't take metalfree but can take this, perhaps so can I ...


  7. sb439

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    sorry, barb, I forgot (brain's not working, what else is new?) the dubious way of measuring:

    This is I think what's called electrodermal testing (in the US clearly branded as quackery, though used a lot in Germany), where you hold some copper thing (I believe) that's connected to a computer in one hand, and then the dentist has some electrode type thing also connected to the computer which he/she uses on your fingers of the other hand, and that gives some info about what's in your body. well ... (I'll let you know when I've been again.)


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    Back again!

    Used to get white fillings funded, on and off, but dentist told me this was no longer the case. Don't know if it's based on local or national policy. Had previously had it all cleared with supporting evidence and an independant consultant's support.

    Could be my dentist gets paid too little to make it worth his while and he's not being honest with me.

    Dealing with this is on my list of things to do. Don't know how often I can keep involving my MP without sounding as if I'm "hysterical" - diagnosis from The National Hospital 15 years ago when they tried to get us all on a rigid graded exercise programme!


  9. pinkquartz

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    thats interesting...when exactly were you told this...we should share info it might too tired must go to bed

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    thanks for your reply.
    i have just explained in post above that i have had 2 mercury fillings removed and used detox stuff and i have to say felt better for that.

    i am going to deal with this on a one at a time basis, partly because even getting to a dentist is itself a huge event......

    i am not doing any chelating currently and will repeat your advice to my nutrionist and discuss, i am interested in hearing how people deal with this.

    too tired now must go