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    Did i just read you say you are underweight ?
    Because one of the symptoms of hypothyroid is weight Gain.
    If you are underweight i don't think its possible for you to need armour thyroid.
    is it possible your doctor has got you mixed up and you are hyperthyroid ?
    Inability to gain weight goes with hyperthroid. As does the sweating.
    Let me know what you think.
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    i am not in a good space today,i am overtired but also have had some upsetting news and my brain just won't work.
    It does sound as though you need T3 on its own , why does your doctor not like this option ?
    I am currently trying to repair my adrenals as they are in very poor state, which is probably why i go into bad space when stressed.
    The adrenals and thyroid funtions are interlinked and its considered best to treat the adrenals first, but in my case we have worked the other way around.
    I did read today that younger people can be underweight and hypothyroid, i wanted to check out what you said in my fav thyroid book but remembered it had to go back to the library, so i can't !
    Let me know how you get on,
    bye for now pinkquartz