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    I was interested to here you live near the nation ME centre in essex which you remarked was no good.

    I am waiting to be seen there in a few months and hoped they had some sort of a answer.

    In what way were they no good?


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    Hi Barb,

    Thanks for that information. I will go and try and find his website for any info on what they do etc.

    I am pretty bad with mine for some time now so when my GP wrote to him 2 months ago he said no to seeing him as the 2 month wait at his clinic because my fatigued was too complicated. He said i would have to wait 6 months under the NHS to see him.
    Would you have thought the more worse you are the quicker they would have seen you, wouldnt you.
    Also, please tell me, whats not complicated about fatigue!!

    Anyway i thank you for replying.

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