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    I read that your starting the JMT for a mycoplasm this week. I am currently in the middle of that one and it's a bugger!! I got sicker this time than when he did the lyme treatment. This is my second set of treatments from him and I can't express to you how much better I got after the first one, then I started the one which they have called the FMS mycoplasm and got so sick all over again, only worse, it's like your worst fibro days ever. Today is the first day of feeling better. Just make sure you don't schedule the treatments when your really busy, I missed school and two appts, due to the treatment so far. I guess I was just used to being all better again after the miraculous recovery from the first one and wasn't expecting to react so strongly to this one. Good luck, tell me how it works for you! This is definitely the best thing I've ever done for myself. I actually feel normal again, something I haven't felt in over 5 years!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you, remember you have to get sicker before you get better. Just like antibiotics only this is permanent.

    Love, Lisa
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    I sent you an email. Did you get it???

    Thanks for letting me know how your JMT treatment is going. Do you feel badly from it right away as he is doing it? Or later in the day? And for several days after? How long before you feel this pass? Or does it pass?

    I have an apt. on Tuesday, the first one. I guess that one is an assessment of what I am dealing with. He said it would take about an hour. I don't know if I have mycoplasm. I guess he checks for that, as well as other things that I could have. I am really quite new to the whole concept and how it works, and I'm sure I will learn more after I go for the first treatment.

    I wonder if all the people who do JMT treatments are fairly similar in their approach? How often have you been going in for this? How many treatments have you been told that you will need?

    I am very curious, and looking forward to this. I always have hope that something is going to work. I have been wanting to start on Olive Leaf Extract, as I have read here that it is very helpful to get rid of viruses. But I wonder if I should wait until I do the JMT treatment. I have also read here that many people suggest doing ONE thing at a time, so you know what works, so I think I may wait till later. What do you think about taking OLE and if I should do it now or later?

    WEll, if you put your email address here, I will email you again. Maybe I got it wrong and you didn't get my email.

    I am very happy for you that you are getting well. What exciting news. I hope you continue to do well Lisa.


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    ....this time I felt bad actually during the visit. I got a headache and went straight home, then the body aches, chills, fluish feelings, pain, etc....But I felt it right from the start. Last time with lyme, it wasn't till that evening that I started to feel a little crappy, then it gets worse the second day. Usually it lasts about 2 days from what I hear, but it all depends on how bad you have it. Like this one I'm doing now (mycoplasma) took 4 days until I started feeling better. (I started feeling better last night) Finally! Just remember, the worse you feel through it, is how bad that pathogen was affecting your body and the better you will feel afterward.

    On my first visit I had a consult, and the muscle testing to see what pathogens were affecting me and to strengthen organs. Then another visit to strengthen organs...Then it was two days of intestinal cleansing. Then on the 5th visit is when I started the pathogenic treatment so be patient. But do try to plan ahead for the dreaded sickness! I don't want to scare you but I got really bad both times. But I can honestly say it's worth it!

    Now I can't remember the other questions you had asked, so I'll just end this and go back I guess. Good luck!!

    Oh yeah, I wouldn't take Olive Leaf right now. I was given a few different things to take in the strengthening and elimination process, one of them having tons of herbals in it already, so I wouldn't mix anything. But then again, he had me bring in all the things I take on a daily basis and checked them for allergies, so I'd ask him about it first. Didn't get your e-mail, try again?

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