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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by connieaag, Dec 1, 2006.

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    you mentioned in jolielulu's post to me that your sister recovered. How old was she, what happened, what did she do differently than you/others? Thanks Connie
  2. connieaag

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    BUMP please
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    My sis is my identical twin. She became ill 2 years after I did. But her symptoms were very different EXCEPT that our labwork was very similar. Low white counts and extremely low t counts...same as an AIDS patients who gets opportunistic infections.

    My body temp went down, hers went up (fever). I slept all the time, she had the most horrible insommia. Klonopin helped me. She had the paradoxical reaction to it where it made her more alert and to sleep she required more and more of it. Terrible time weaning off of it.

    I never felt like I had the flu. I felt like I was dying. She felt very viral. She tooke astralagus which took the viral symptoms away. We both had low B-12 and she took subligual tablets for that. She just gradually recovered. Spontaneously. She has more energy than anyone I know.

    Anyway,I wanted to tell you that I KNOW other people who have recovered. Now, this is NOT something that I wish to debate. So, everyone is can have their own opinion on this.

    I know a family that the mother, father and daughter all had this. The father is doing pretty well, the mother is still sick but better than she was. The daughter got well and went to college on a tennis scholorship.

    A teacher here where I live recovered. Those are his words. He has been well at least 10 years.

    There are a young man and young woman who dated in high school and a couple of years in college. They were both sick and have pulled out of it. But the young woman's sister now has it and is struggling.

    Another part of your question, was that my sis was about 38 when she became ill and was sick for about 5 years. She was a patient of Dr. Cheney at the Cheney Clinic and I was a patient of Dr. Lapp at the same Clinic in the early 1990s.

    Hugs to you and your daughter.

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    She felt the b-vitamins that were found the "Hair Vitamins" were essential for her too. She takes those to this day.

    Dr. Cheney says that some people do recover. And that some with just dietary changes. Everyone is so different in how their immune responds.

    I remember a young woman I met at a support group meeting. She said that she felt alot better if she ate "real" food. If she ate potato chips, she was sick.

    Hope and Prayers for your daughter.

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    I may have said, but several web sites and doctos we have seen are encouraging about people healing. We are not giving up, and the thing that is in her favor is her age (13) and perserverance.

    I read in some book too (maybe Dr. Bell) that if you have periods of remission and not just sick all of the time, you have a good chance for recovery. She is great for several months (April - October) and leads a normal life. then the November Crash comes. She has periods in between of a week or so, that she feels good, but they don't last duringthose months.

    My other post tells about her psychiatrist thinking she has SAD too. We are agressively treating that to see if that contributes to these November - March flares.

    Thanks for your response! Connie

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