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    Just wanted to say hello and ask how you are doing. That was a heartbreaker for all us Spartan fans last week.

    Are you still with the same doctor, have you tried iany new treatments? Any changes in your health.

    Regards, romalaw
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    Hi, I am responding on this thread because I don't want to hijack the thread of MI doctors.

    Good to hear you're are feeling pretty good, of course, it's all relative isn't it? feeling good as opposed to what, how lousy you felt a couple of years ago or how well you felt before all this happened!

    I seem to have plateaued which isn't a bad thing really, when I consider how sick I've been in former years. I don't know if I mentioned to you that Dr. B tested me for a genetic marker for a defect in metabolizing folic acid and I came up with the defective gene. He put me on a specially compounded dmg, that has bumped my health up a notch. I was skeptical at first because I've taken dmg before, but this is his own formula.

    I have been tested for Lyme a couple of times, but not from the lab that's mentioned so often on this board.

    I also am on armour thyroid, B prescribed it for me when I first starting seeing him 9 years ago, it was the first thing that improved my health. I am also on small dose of prednisilone which helps me tremendously. Wish I didn't have to take it because of side effects, which now include some puffiness in my shoulders and a little in my face, but it makes such a difference in my energy level. NADH also helps me with energy and cognition. My blood pressure went from low to high last year, so I am now on blood pressure medicine. Don't know if it's related to cfs, the prednisilone or just aging. I still take a bunch of supplements, including the FTF supplement drink. Like you, a small dose of klonopin. I pretty much stay away from wheat, sugar and most dairy, though I seem to be able to tolerate small doses better than I used to.

    I'm done with doctor shopping. It's clear that the medical community knows very little about this illness , what causes it or how to treat it. So I just try to stay somewhat up on the latest developments in treatment and if there's something I want to explore further, I just discuss it with Dr. B.

    Let me know how your check up goes. I see Dr. B next week.
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    Hello again,,,,Good to hear that you've made progress w/Dr B. I do agree with you, that progress & health is all relative when you consider where you've come from in years past. LOL,,,I'm not sure I remember exactly how I felt back in the early 90's before all this stuff started.

    The folic acid thing sounds very interesting,,,,is that something that you were blood tested for & how did the doc know to even test for that ? Sounds like Dr B uses a lot of the same strategies that my doc, & Dr Conley uses.

    I'm with you re choosing a doc, I'm sticking w/the guy I'm with & not moving around to anyone else. You're also right about the medical folks really not having a clue as to what causes these symptoms,,,probably you & I are lucky to have the docs we have. I have a daughter who's in her 3rd year of med school & based on how/what she is being taught, I understand why things like CFS / FM/ amalgam poisoning are well beyond the understanding of classically trained MD's.

    Re my check-up today, i'm staying on my 90 mg Armour for now & adding a potassium supplement to my regimen as my thyroid bloodwork showed a slight drop in the numbers/results. The blood pressure numbers were not a big concern w/my doc,,,as i'm in good enough physical shape at this point to do more aerobic type activity,,,,he believes that I can reduce he bp by getting more cardio/aerobic exercise. I feel fortunate that I've improved enough over the past few years that I can do that.

    I think we've got the right idea re watching what we eat especially staying away from the wheats, dairy etc.... Dr Conley was the one who did food allergy testing for me & found a lot of these food items to avoid,,,,,,it all helps.

    Got to go now,,,,but please continue to post re your treatments w;Dr B & how you're doing....Take care.