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    Der Jessica,

    I thank you so much for your reply. I'm not to familiar with how to respond to messages so I am sending you this one. God bless you. Your message was so encouraging. I pray your continued strength. It takes much courage to reach out of your pain to help someone else. You have been through so much and yet you state that you never lost faith in God. There are days that I thought He had forgotten all about me. You said you never asked why. I can't say the same. I have asked why in the fact of looking at what is it that I have done to be going through this. I feel that I have lost so much. Yet I know that if it weren't for God who has been on my side I would not know where I would be. Thank you and may God continue to strengthen your spirit and the fruit of your hands.
    In Christ
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    Thank you for your response too!!, I also feel that I've lost alot, but I try not to dwell on that as I feel that is what God wants me to do, He is in control of my life and when I feel myself going in that direction, I usually call out to Him and He is always there for me, if you read some of my post on the Lupus board and the Chitchat board you'll learn first that I have no secrets!!but that I too have been through alot and I'd like to help!!!Try to keep encouraged, I know that even that can be difficult, I usually turn to these wonderful ladies too!!

    In Christ