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    I've been refining my equation of medications for 10 years. About a year ago I started on methadone. My extended family is fine with it. They understand that it HELPS me function and makes my situation better. I could never stand the level of pain I have endured without narcotics. People with FMS have it on a sliding scale like anyone else. Some people still work and are quite active and have relapses and their level of pain goes only so high of is only high for a short. Others are at the other end of the spectrum and have horrid paid 24/7 to the point that there is no life much less quality of life. That is like many disorders and diseases.

    So many people out there have FMS but not all of us have the same symptoms. Your family may have read or met others who have it marginally. In addition, I think FMS is like children. I just don't think most people get it unless they have it. Even my immediate family is understanding 95% of the time but my husband will make a statement I can't believe. But he does not wake up, go to bed with it and live with it all day and night.

    My in-laws are VERY judgemental and think I take too much medication. They think my fatigue comes from my meds. It is just the opposite. My meds help the fatigue. We (my husband and I) just put some distance between ourselves and them and don't tell them what we don't want to or are vague. It is sad but it saves the relationship and feelings don't get hurt.

    Even my closest friends did not get it after a while. They kept expecting me to get better. I gave a few close friends some things to read about extendended release meds and such and the wonderful things they can offer people like us.

    But they still don't understand my complete change in lifestyle. My children are 10 and 13 and growing up fast. When I do feel good I try to spend time with them or going to their events. I want to spend time with friends too but my priorities have changed.

    Hope all gets better. I bet you will do some reflecting and come up with the philosophy that works for you, your extended family and friends.

    All the best,

    Lynda B.