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    Read your post, about Restless Legs. I have it in my legs and arms. And I have a very bad case of it. I kept pleading with my doctor,and he put me on Sinemet ER Tab 50/200 mg 3 x a day. ( i was on a lower dose to begin with ) After 2 years my doctor also added Requip 0.25 mg
    ( 3 ) 3 times a day; due to me haveing to increase the sinemet, to get relief.

    I must say this has worked wonders for me,,,I don't dare miss a dose,,otherwise,i am awake for 2-3 hours and I am just miserable with my legs & arms.

    i have tried the Klonipen, but its for at nite,,and does nothing for when the restless Legs and arms happen in the day time...
    If I can be of anymore help to you,,just ask. I was kicking so much at night my husband wanted us to get twin beds!!!!!
    Rideing in a car for very long was also very miseraible...

    It has been a much helpfull drug for me.

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    So much for the info. It means alot. I know how you feel about the car thing. AND my Husband says "neither" of us have slept in almost three years. It is really imbarressing to me so I stay locked up quite a bit at home. Oh well, that is the way it goes right.
    Again thank you and I am going to mention it to my Doc.