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    Hi SuperQ, welcome to our WW Family,

    So glad you have found us here, - this is a fantastic place with some mega people with great info, advice and support always on offer.

    I have taken the liberty of pasting your first reply to another post so that many others will see it. There are a lot here that have also gone through the trauma of rape.

    Please whatever you do, don`t go to the gym. - Your working hours are too long and if you don`t ease up you will only get worse, it`s a proven fact.

    Have you read the article on CFS at the top of the page, or read anything at all on this?

    I`ll bump an article posted by Jellybelly for you to read first. It says Please,please,please read this article.

    You will have a greater understanding and hopefully be able manage your symptoms. Speak again soon.

    Love Pat.

    This is SuperQ`s post....

    This is my first time writing to your group. I was reading about your tired legs and I feel for you since I too go thru that pain but I feel the worst pain is on my arms muscles. I have days that I can not even wash my hair because I can not raise my arms so I lean my elbow on the wall and do the best I can like there are times thatI can't open a zip-lock bag. What I really want to know is this: have anyone out there been rushed to the hospital for what seemed to be a heart attack, or have felt a pain on your back that felt like a knife stab that paralises your whole body? How many of you have been raped? The reason is that I was diagnosed recently and after seeing all my symptoms the first thing the doctor asked was had I been molested as a child or raped and I saw her again today about that pain on my back that paralized me and she suspects I may also be epilectic. Those of you that have been ill with FMS for a while have exercises really helped or is this like a train going down hill. I ask because I am really scared and am planning to go to the Gym every day at my lunch hour. I have two jobs, work 65 hours a week and can't stop because my son (35) had a heart attack recently and I have to help him with his debts and medications. Also please tell me what do I have to look forward to....a wheel chair?

    God Bless!

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    Please read my post under tired legs
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    Hi SuperQ, just read your post. No, I have not been molested as a child or adult.

    But I do get that pain in the arms that I can't raise them no highter then from the elbow, not the shoulder, I would scream with the pain.

    I also get that back pain that feels like a knife is being stuck in it. Its on both sides, right around the shoulder blades.
    My husband can put his finger on the pressure points on my back. They are quite obvious when touched, and the pain will make me yell out loud.

    I also get pain in my chest wall, and the rib cage(which is called; Costa Chondriasis). All the above is severe pain, and there were times I felt like I could not move.

    This is the worst I get. The back pain will go into spasms, that will almost make me feel paralyzed.

    I had all of the above two days ago, its easing up now, but am still in pain.

    This is the first Flare I have had now in over a year. I have been taking Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate) and ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6).

    This has reduced the duration of the flares, and the pain is not as intense when I do get them. I did bring this on myself as I did entirely too much in the last week, and pushed myself beyond my ability.

    No, I doubt if you are looking at a wheelchair, I have had FM now for over 20 years, and I am still on my feet. Please don't think this way, not good for you!

    From what you wrote, working two jobs, and 65 hours a week is not helping you in anyway. Thats too much for someone in good health.

    As for exercise, I can't imagine how you would want to stress your body anymore than you are already doing!

    I would say you need some rest, a peaceful stress free life!

    Hope you get some relief soon, and if at all possible, you need to cut back on all this work and no doubt worry too.

    Again, welcome to the board, and let us hear from you as much as you are able.

    Shalom, Shirl