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    You mentioned strattera for dizziness. Is it a prescribed drug or natural rememdy. In otherwords, where can i get this stuff.

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    bumping up in case you not read yet.

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    are you away for easter?
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    Trying again for any info on this stuff.

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    I went through a search engine and found this info on Strattera for you:- Hope it helps.

    FDA Approves Non-Stimulant ADHD Drug
    The Food and Drug Administration has approved -- Strattera, (atomoxetine) -- the first new drug in three decades for treatment of symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, which includes inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Strattera has a different mechanism of action from the stimulant-like drugs that have been used to treat ADHD. Because Strattera does not appear to have a potential for abuse, it will not be classified as a controlled substance, although it will be a prescription drug.

    According to the American Psychiatric Association, about three to seven percent of children have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is estimated that about four percent of adults have ADHD. People with ADHD may make careless mistakes, fidget, interrupt others, talk excessively and have problems paying attention. Symptoms must be persistent, that is, be present for at least six months, and must be more severe than is typically observed in individuals at a comparable level of development before a diagnosis can be made with certainty, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV), the diagnostic manual for psychiatric disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association. Although the disorder is not as well defined in adults, symptoms in adults may include a lack of organization, daydreaming, irritability, and lack of motivation.

    Strattera was studied in children, adolescents and adults. The drug's safety and effectiveness were established in six double-blind placebo-controlled studies in patients who met specific diagnostic criteria under DSM-IV. The clinical studies demonstrated that Strattera significantly improves patient's symptoms compared to placebo.

    Side effects of the drug include decreased appetite, upset stomach, nausea or vomiting and tiredness. In addition to these adverse effects, some of the most common side effects in adults were problems sleeping, dry mouth, dizziness, and sexual side effects.

    Love Pat.
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    Sttattera is a prescription drug. It aids in maintaining norephrine in your brain. It has helped with my dizziness,
    and mental confusion. I will write more later--need to leave for an business appt.
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    Thank you, you two for replying.

    Bit confused as pat says side effect is dizziness yet you sweetmia says it stopped your dizziness.

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    most medicines list dizziness as a side effect. The list of side effects covers every possible effect the medicine can have on a person--this protects everyone from litagation and harm to oneself. I have truly found a great deal of relief with the Strattera and taking 200 mgs of Doxycycline a day--one a.m.; one p.m. The other bonus of Strattera is that it helps your mood. I feel and think happy again!! Hormonal dysfunction can negatively affect your mood. Increasing the amount of time norephrine is in the brain helps your mood. Take care--I will write more this weekend. Amy
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    Hi Amy,

    Can you take this stuff with a anti-depressant do you know or is it a anti-depressant in itself.

  10. Sweetmia

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    my husband--he is a physician. I do take 1/4 tablet of Remeron at night for sleep. My husband takes it too--he has no health problems. Remeron is an anti-depressant, however in lose doses it acts as a sleep aid--best med I have ever tried for sleep. I am presently not taking any anti-depressants--the Strattera has changed eliminated my depression. Amy

    Sweetmia is for my beloved 6 1/2 lb Italian Greyhound named Mia. She is beautiful and sweet!!
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    Please speak with your physician concerning any interactions. It seems that the only interaction is with MAO drugs, which I guess are some of the older anti-depressants. I truly found that I felt worse when I was on anti-depressants. They made me more tired and in the case of Welbutrin, more depressed. Since I have been on
    Strattera--my mood is normal--in fact I feel happier than I have in years. I am not sure if it is all due to the Strattera or also the fact that I am feeling better.
    It has been a very long process for me. I eat a very well balanced diet--high on protein; I exercise daily; I work full-time ( I feel work is very important, if one is able to in order to maintain your self-esteem. I realize some are unable to work because of limitations caused by their illness) I was extremely ill. I had suffered silently for over 20 years. I have been married to my husband for 7 years--he thought that some things going on with me were not quite right. When I became very ill a few years ago he directed me to the right doctor. I hope you find healing and I hope mine continues!!!