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    I meantioned to my gp about this stratteria as you told me about it. He says never heard of it.
    I am sure he is not interested in anything i mention.

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    Obviously you don't stay up late because you want to. I remember those nights that it would take me 2-3 hrs to fall asleep. What a shame that your doctor will not try different meds. Have you done an internet search on Strattera so that you could take the info to this doctor?
    Basically it balances the chemicals in your brain, specifically norepinephrine. More and more evidence points to brain dysfunction as the cause of CFS, eating disorders etc...Has this doc prescribed an anti-depressent for you? Strattera is really no different than some of the anti-depressents available. Most of the anti-dep regulate, norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine. Obviously you want very much to get better--you are searching for help and answers. Be sure your doctor realizes that you are working hard trying to heal yourself. I know you are, I can tell from your posts--just make sure your doctor knows too. Strattera is not going to hurt you; and it may very well help you. How frustrating this must be. I feel fortunate that my doctor is very willing to try different approaches. I am praying your doctor allows you the same chance to hopefully feel better. Take care, Amy
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    Hi Amy,

    Just wanted to tell you that i dont stay up to early hours at all.
    I am from the uk, differant time zone to the time set on this site.
    I am on prothidan, not sure if it working though after 12 weeks on it.

    Let me know that you read this.

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    Our neighbors are from England; she looks like Sophie--adorable and has a beautiful accent. I believe they are from a village near Cambridge.
    I did a search of prothidan--it is for Parkinson's disease.
    Most likely your doc is trying to restore dopamine levels in your brain. I have not taken a med that regulates dopamine. I have taken Effexor which balances serotonin and norepinephrine. I did not have success with Effexor.
    Strattera has been the most effective. I have also been taking Provigil. At one point I was taking 600mgs. I now take 100-200 mgs--I am trying to lessen the amt of Provigil since I have had success with Strattera. Provigil helps with daytime sleepiness. It was not effective at all with the dizziness and weakness. Must get back to work!!
    Take care, Amy