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    For Dolsgirl~ 07/17/03 01:30 PM

    Thanks for your input here too!!! I have a question since I'm heading for a hysterectomy myself.Any regrets on having the surgery??did they get it all(endo)?I also have it on my bladder and colon,and they suspect adenomyosis too.(thats where the endo has invaded the muscle wall of your uterus,and the only cure is a hysto.)I just would hate to have such a major surgery and still feel alot of monthly pain!! I read on a supoport board for Hysto-sisters that some woman still have pain after their organs were yanked,and then have menopuasal symptoms on top of it!!!YUK! Just wanna do the right thing is all.So i'm asking your opinion~ Thanks!! :) How are you doing thses days??

    I'm 50 & never had any further pain, was 30 when surgery was done. Initially after the surgery there is obvious post operative pain. I have been taking synthetic estrogen ever since and won't give it up ever, unless I feel I can start to...I still have menopausal symptoms if I cut it back. I take 2 mg of Estrace four days a week and 1.5 mg. Estrace on Mon,Wed & Fri. Found if I tried to decrease even one day on the weekends I had menopausal symptoms. They started me on the estrogen the day after my surgery, both ovaries were also taken. I haven't ever had that type of pain again.

    You need estrogen for a healthy vagina, urinary system. It can cause you to have anxiety, insomnia & other symptoms if you go without it. Good luck. dolsgirl
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    So very happy your surgery was a success!!! I've heard horror stories!! Makes me scared to go ahead with the hysto. My dr. said that I would probably have to wait a few months after surgery to begin hormone replacement~ Thanks for your opinion and your story~
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    If your doctor is removing both of your ovaries then you should be on hormone replacement right away because you're having a surgical menopause. If you're keeping even one of your ovaries, which they usually don't do with endometriosis, because the hormones from them may keep any left around growing, then you won't need hormone replacement until you go through a regular menopause, if you choose to have hormone replacement. Your doc might want to wait to see if he/she has gotten all of it. If you don't have the hormones, the endometrium, as I understand it cannot survive in that environment.

    If you start having symptoms of memopause & your doc wants to wait, try, but let them know on a regular basis the symptoms that you're having. dolsgirl
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    Hoping your day is going far:)
    I will need "It all out".....tubes,ovaries,uterus,and here's my question..... I was told that I'd have my cervix out too???Is this normal for a total cleanout?? Did you have yours out? (big worry for me)Does it lessen your orgasms? Hey!!I had to ask!! because I wonder how and why would they take out your cervix!!(sorry for the bluntness of my question, but I would like to know this) As for HRT,I would have assumed that i'd begin them immediatly too.
    But my dr. said that its a good idea to wait a few months so that any endo that may have been left...can shrink and die off?? (does this make sense to you?) I really hate the thought of instant menopause!! just scared of the unknown I guess. Write when you get a chance...I appreciate all your time~Thanks!
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    Tandy, I hope you don't mind me jumping in on this conversation. I had a total hysterectomy last November. I had a fibroid tumor and the doctor said since I had had one the year before that was removed by a D&C, having a hysterectomy would get rid of them once and for all. Right after I was diagnosed with FMS in 1998, my reproductive system shut down and I had instant menopause. Nothing gradual - it just stopped. So I began hormones. I was thrilled having the hysterectomy. They removed the uterus, both ovaries and the cervix. I think they do this because it's still a possible place to get cancer. I feel great now. No more pain, no more pressure and no more bleeding. I had a 7-week recovery and took it very easy. Stayed in bed for a few weeks, no cooking, lifting, walking stairs, cleaning. I read, watched TV and slept. As far as HRT goes, I'm on the patch. I was having terrible hot flashes so my doctor thought the patch would work - it's wonderful! I've had no side effects and I just change it twice a week. I take so many pills I couldn't stand the thought of taking more, so the patch works fine. I know you're nervous about the operation - I was too. But now, almost a year later, I'm very happy that I did it. I hope this helps you!

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    Yes, they do remove your cervix. It is actually the beginning of your uterus, the opening to it. Years ago (several decades), they didn't always & I don't know why. It DOES NOT effect orgasms. The hormonal levels can, but not the removal of your cervix. They call that area, the vaginal cuff. You do still need a yearly pap smear which some docs might say you don't. I've been diagnosed with vaginal cancer twice, starting in 1995, 12 years AFTER my hysterectomy. My vaginal cancer has NOTHING to do with having had a hysterectomy.

    When people have hormone replacement therapy they sometimes use Estratest, which I'm sure comes out from numerous manufacturers. It has the estrogen & testosterone, which helps with your sex drive.

    Women that do not have their uterus removed, only ovaries or go through menopause, have or should use a combination of estrogen and progesterone, as the progesterone makes it so that the lining in the uterus doesn't build up. They might initially have some bleeding or spotting, but it eventually subsides. Most of the estrogen/progesterone preparatons now come with a small daily dose of progesterone so that it isn't even noticeable. Also, if they don't use the progesterone preparation & do use the estrogen, they can run the risk of having the lining of the uterus grow undetected & THAT can lead to uterine cancer. That's why they learned that the two have to go together or not at all when a uterus is involved.

    I have to say that sex was better for me after the hysterectomy because there was then NO fear of becoming pregant at all. dolsgirl
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    Your not butting in!!I'm open to all suggestions and Love to hear of others success storys!!!:)
    Glad your surgery and recovery went well for you!!I remember you posting when you were about to go in for your hysto!! were nervous!!LOL who would'nt be!?
    I'll get the guts to go in soon!!I can't take the pelvic pain/cramping and spotting and the list goes on!All on top of Fibro stuff!!and these DD must work together or something because when ones acting up the other does too!!!so I get the double whammy!!I honestly lose close to 3 weeks out of the month with bad pain!!from both!!
    I will be going on HRT also but I need to research that one yet-for the pros and cons~ Thanks for helping out on this thread,your input is appreciated!!
    :) take care!