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    Thanks for your comments... I have done every test there is for IC including cystoscopy, and definately had markings of IC. I've tried all kinds of meds including Cysta-Q and pyridium,as well as elmiron,urocit k,elavil,and many others. I also have had instilations done weekly for months. All of these things only helped mildly. I had to stop everything while I was pregnant, and was expected to have complete relief, but did not. After my son was born I started back up again, finding no relief. I switched Dr.'s and had all tests done again, showing no active markings of IC, just scarring of past ones. I am in remission so to speak, but still have symptoms. That is why both my rheumy and uro say it's the fibro. But even with all that I do for the fibro, there still is no change with my bladder....sometimes it's worse for no apparent reason! That's my confusion. I know that my fibro is still very active, so I guess my IC symptoms will be too! I don't know what else I can do. Oh, I think I am perimenopausal....but when I had my estrogen levels tested,it came back normal. Should I try the cream anyway?? Take care...feel better!
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    Have you mentioned this problem to your GYN? Sometimes I get a sore bladder--like the muscle is sore (just like muscles with fibro) and other times I get that burning sensation after urinating, like the urethra is inflamed. This is where the estrogen cream comes in. During perimenopause and now menopause, my main symptom has been vaginal dryness (and I swear dryness everywhere). This lack of estrogen can cause women to get more irritation which leads to infection and inflamation. The estrogen cream helps build up the skin and makes it more supple, less likely to get irritated. You need to check with your dr as this cream is by presciption only. Also, just like taking estrogen orally (which I can't due to my asthma) the cream gets absorbed into the bloodstream--so I guess your dr doesn't want you to get too much estrogen to cause your uterine lining to build up. However, as long as you are getting a period this will shed. I did use estrogen cream during my peri days, cause I always had such dryness. It made the urethra feel better, but not much for the inside of the bladder. I have this problem now, and I swear it's what I eat. If I dare go off the IC diet, I feel the acidity. Have you tried taking PRELIEF (sold OTC) to neutalize your acidity in the urine. This helps me a bit. Another thing that bothers me, is that if I have some yeast--it bothers the urethra and bladder. My GYN just did a culture last week and I'm waiting for the results on Candida. I'm not in dire pain, but it sure is annoying. I don't think I have any miracle remedies for you, but at least you can see that I suffer too. I still believe it's a fibro thing. Devin Starlanyl's site has info pages to every doctor you can visit--it has a lot of info for the urologist too.