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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deliarose, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    When u say u self-treat some of yr symptoms,... can you say what u do exactly? Are you talking about diet, exercise and vitamin supplements?
  2. tansy

    tansy New Member

    many of my symptoms for various reasons; I find living with this illness means I can often be the best judge of what has the potential to help, I know my body better than anyone, and I can base what I do on a wide range of models not those which might miss important factors for me.

    Diet-wise I had problems even with my background in nutritrion, but I have ended up on a diet that takes bits out of those which seem to help quite a lot here. I have had to take food intolerances and actual allergies into account. Some food types suit me better than others, I can toelrate more carbs now but still need to keep them moderately low; I avoid sugar, grains, dairy products etc.

    Supps wise I take a good multivit/min and then other vits, mins and amino acids aimed at addressing deficiencies, as precurssors for things I am low in or need, they can even be used to treat. Anti oxidants are important for many of us, we can get some from our foods but we may need higher levels than can be sourced from diet alone. I now find I no longer need some supps and alternatives I needed in the past, or have been able to lower the doses and still get the same level of benefit.

    I use plant extracts instead of pharmaceutical antimicrobials, immune modulators, and to break down fibrin. I only need anti inflammatories for a few days now and then, because my protocol has led to less need for them. I use probiotics, but tend to cycle them just as I do my herbs. Enzymes, systemic and digestive, have played an important role.

    Exercise is the difficult one. So far I have found no one system that works for everything so take a few bits from each that actually help. I'm still relatively exercise intolerant on my good days, totally exercise intolerance on my bad ones, so have to proceed with care. I am stronger now so my threshold is higher. I try to ensure everything is kept moving and I do enough stretches to prevent contractuures, reduce pain and stiffness. Still haven't fathomed how to rebuild my muscles though, hoping this will readjust over time.

    There are many overlaps with what I do and what other here who have empowered themselves are doing, and post about their self treating protocls here. There's no one size fits all unfortunately, so I aim for what I feel will help me most.

    IMHO we should start with diet and get our GI tracts working optimally, as someone quoted on a topic here recently, death begins in the colon.

    love, Tansy
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  3. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    But how do u decide what supplements/herbs/probiotics to use? There's so much stuff out there... and so much information.
  4. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Yes there is a lot of confusing information available as to what we should or should not eat; what this illustrates is that’s there no one size fits all diet wise jut as there aren’t in terms of treatments either. Likewise with supplements, hence starting with the basics.

    Stormyskye has given you an excellent starting point that I think is where we should all begin. If your diet is wrong and your GI tract not functioning optimally, then you may be wasting time and finances.

    Obviously you need to avoid sugar, refined carbs, caffeine etc, then increase health enhancing foods especially your vegetable intake. Although many swear by juicing and raw foods ayurvedic medicine recognises we often need a healthy digestive tract to really benefit from that so lightly cooked/steamed foods might be better. The fats you eat are very important, most baked goods, ready meals etc are high in the fats that are not good for us. Good fats like olive oil, coconut oil, even butter, are better for most of us than those often sold by the diet industry.

    About 2/3 of us do well with a lower carb intake. Lots of low carb vegetables will increase your nutrient and fibre intake without causing insulin or blood sugar peeks and troughs. It is the starchy foods that we often need to avoid or restrict our intake. We excrete many of the body’s toxins and waste through the digestive tract, so we need to ensure we have frequent stools, I find even with my high fibre diet, additional fibre in the form of psyllium husks is good.

    The odds are it will take some time to get your diet right, the nearer you get it to right for you, the better able you will be to work out what suits you and what doesn’t. Likewise balancing protein, fat and carb ratios.

    IMHO when starting out digestive enzymes with food and probiotics are essential. Drinking lots of water too, but do not suddenly increase it, instead drink more each day. Little and often as far as water and food intake is concerned in the beginning seem to stress the body less when we make adjustments like this.

    The blood type diet is popular, I am not a great advocate of it, but there’s no doubt some find it can be a useful starting point.

    I have taken what I feel will work best for me from a wide variety of sources. I am personally dealing with a lot of issues eg, infections, toxins, skeletal + + +, so I find myself having to take all these into account when making my choices.

    If there were an easy solution, or one successful treatment model, then there would be less need to share information and experiences on boards like this.

    Ken Lassesen’s CFIDS web site at now has some models that address treatments protocols, which he updates according to the feedback he gets. Ken does not claim these work for everyone, but they are a good starting point, and many have found what he discusses has led to them making bettyer personal choices. Magnesium is still important for me, as are some others like Co Q 10, but I think we should also try to address why these supps are needed even when we choose to take them.

    Love, Tansy

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  5. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    Thanks for the input. V. useful. I was working full-time until December and my diet was hellish. Coffee, sodas,lots of sugar.

    I have always thought there was a problem with carbs..sugar cravings..mucus on the chest etc.. But it's amazing how few mainstream docs recognise candida.

    I will start with eliminating the gluten and dairy and add in teh garlic and take it from there.
    Thanks again,

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