for the dry mouth

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  1. zikken

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    have any of you tried a drop of lemon? Lemon sticks are used in hospitals for patients that no longer eat or drink. It is used to tickrl the siliva sensors. For those of you that may ask or wander about my spelling: First of all I am dislexic and second I am dutch. Dutch is no excuse seaming I went to an English school in Italy,
    Wish you all PFD&N (painfree days and knights.
  2. zikken

    zikken New Member

    b ?????????????? what do you meen by this
  3. EllenComstock

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    because of some of the meds I take. By a drop of lemon you must mean real lemon juice? Are the lemon sticks like hard candy?

    Don't worry about your spelling. I didn't have any trouble reading it. Anyone who knows more than one language, I think that is great. That's more than I know.

  4. kbak

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    A good product that is sold at the store here, for dry mouth, is Mouth Kote. You spray it in your mouth, and it works to eliminate that feeling for hrs.
  5. dononagin

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    I have a lot of trouble including mouth sores due to my meds.. I'll try the lemon and look for the mouth-kote.. Thanks to you both.
  6. zikken

    zikken New Member

    yes I mean real lemon juice. There are also lemon juisce mouth swabs but the lemon juice is cheeper.
    Goed luck I hope it helps
  7. fivesue

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    you are fairly new to the board. Welcome! I'm glad you're here.

    The dry mouth remedy is a good one...I have it because of some medication. Thank you for posting.

    Hope you post a lot! Don't worry about your spelling...many of us native English speakers can't even spell well. I'm impressed with your command of two (or more??) languages.