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    Here is an article I read in the Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul. I thought it may help cheer up some and give a purpose for life with living with Fibromyalgia. One just never knows!!

    I sure hope You enjoy this little story.
    Hugs, Michelle


    Regalito in Spanish means special little gift, and he was in more ways than one.
    Little girl who love horses dream of riding a great white horse with long wavy mane and tails. Although mostly in the "middle age", I had never lost that little girl's dream. My husband Arthur gave me Regalito for our 13 Th wedding anniversary. That was the first special little gift. Regalito is a Spanish Andalusian stallion. He is beautiful, noble. And above all HUGGABLE.
    Since the age of 4 I had ridden horses. They are the love and passion of my life-after Arthur, of course!
    After his 5 day journey from CA, Regalito arrived at our farm in LA. He immediately made himself at home. How proud and noble he was. But with great pain and sadness, I knew I would never sit on his back and share the exultation of his dance; for, indeed when Regalito moves, it is like a dance. For 5 years I had been unable to ride because I suffer tremendous pain and the lack of mobility from a devastating disease call FIBROMYALGIA. This disease robs you of the joy of movement: every step is a painful effort.
    Because I could not ride horses, I started painting them in water colors. All my feelings for these wonderful creatures came out in vided shades of green and blue, copper and silver and turquoise and gold. Many of the paintings have sold, but one stays with me: The painting of Regalito that I did a year before I even knew his existence. I think I must have made him up. He was, in fact the magical horse who changed my life.
    After Regalito arrived at the farm, I had a new working student come over to ride him. I taught Bobby dressage and in turn he taught me Regalito. The days, weeks, months and then a year went by as I watched Bobby ride my beautiful stallion. Sometimes it felt as if my heart would burst out from wanting to ride him so much. I watched day by day thinking,” if only that were me.” Then one day as I sat in my usual place in viewing stand by the riding ring teaching ,Regalito and Bobby, the thought came to me ”WHY Not Me”? “WHY NOT ME”? Regalito is the kindness horse, so gentle and willing. We had built such a bond in the year he had been with us. I knew he would never hurt me. Somehow he knew that I was fragile.
    So today is the day, I said to myself. If I don’t ride him today, I will explode with all this emotion! Aloud, I said to Bobby,” WAIT a minute while I go change into my riding pants. I’, getting on Regalito’!
    Of course, Bobby’s surprise was immense and he said,” are You sure”?
    I replied, I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. The time is NOW”.
    I mounted Regalito with stiffness and difficulty: the mounting block made it easier. Bobby held the stallions head, but it was not necessary. Regalito stood a still as a statue. He seemed to be saying,” what took you so long”?

    I felt completely at home on his back, almost as if I’d slipped a foot into an old shoe. Regalito and I were made for each other. I satin the saddle and all the pent-up emotion came out. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. I had done what I thought was impossible task a year ago. I was sitting on the back of my beautiful white stallion.
    It took me a few moments to compose myself, Regalito just stood quietly and waited, and then we walked away into the land where horse and human merge. I was weightless on my horse. I felt no pain and for these moments on his back, I was well again.
    Regalito gave me back the 2nd special gift to be-myself. With generosity of the sprit and the great care, he carried me around the riding ring, doing intricate dressage move-ments with lightness and ease.
    Daily I danced with my horse, daily my body moved and daily I became stronger, regaining the joy and d the passion of my life.
    Thank-You, Arthur, for my special little gift. Thank-You Regalito, for living up to your name and giving me the greatest gift of all: a reason to get up in the morning and feel again and again the joy that riding brings to my life and the healing it brings to my body and soul.
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    Thank-you for sharing this touching story. It's so appropriate for this board.

    I was over at the public library today trying, unsuccessfully, to use the scanner. This book was on the "New Books" shelf. I am adding it to my reading list.
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    brought a tear to my eye.


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