? for those getting SSDI

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  1. Mrs. B

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    I was wondering if the amt. you get is the amt. that you would have gotten at age 65 (like on the paper they send once a year)and if it is taxed.

  2. Dara

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    and was sent a form to have federal income tax withheld from it. It was a choice, you could have it deducted now or pay at the end of the year. We have a state income tax also, but didn't receive anything from the state department of revenue.

  3. elaine_p

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    You should get a statement from Social Security every year or two. That shows your benefits, both for retirement and for disability (and I think a couple other things, which I always ignore).

    Based on what I've paid into SS, I'll get about $400 more per month for disability than I'll get at 65 for retirement.

    I don't think SS *retirement* benefits are taxable (my mom doesn't even file tax returns anymore because she doesn't pay any tax).
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  4. Mrs. B

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    but, I'm still not sure of the answer. Does anyone else have info for KY SSDI?

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    If you want to know how much you would get you can call your local SSD office and they can tell you on the spot.
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    i am applying for disability.however they sent me to a psch and now amily med .is there any hope..........i am treated with lupus that has attacked my organs .congested heart failure ,hypertension,fibro.and depression.......help