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    I have seen a lot of interest in the Guaifenesin treatment here lately. My new doc says that the use of this treatment is really picking up in the medical arena as well. He was very impressed with the progress I have made on the Guai treatment, especially when he was able to press on formerly tender points without much pain to me. He was also impressed that I no longer take Morphine and seldome take anything for pain. He had a lot of questions for me as I don't think any of his other patients has been on the Guai as long as I nor have any reached my level of reversal.

    From some of the posts here, it appears that many who want to try the Guai do not realize how important it is to buy Dr. St. Amand's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About FIBROMYALGIA." It is critical to success on the Guai to read the book, understand the theory and protocol, and eliminate the sals from one's regimen before starting the treatment.

    Most docs do not know much, if anything, about this treatment, so we cannot depend on our docs for the answers. This is one treatment where the patient is in total control over the dosing and is responsible for keeping a sal-free regimen.

    It is also critical to go slowly and understand the dosing protocol. It can take a lot of tweaking with the dose to get it just right. This takes a lot of patience and commitment. This is a long-term treatment which can take 2-3 years or longer, depending on the length of the illness, to reverse the symptoms of FMS. Some see some results pretty fast and for others, it can take longer. It was a year before I saw some good remissions, although, my Fibro Fog almost immediately improved.

    I am about 3/4 reversed now after 22 months on the treatment. I have continually increased the dose til I am now at 2400 mgs. per day. I wanted to speed things up. I started out slowly and gradually built up. By doing this, I ensured that my Guai flares were no more severe nor lasted longer than one of my typical FMS flares.

    Y'all may have heard me talk about my fatigue, especially lately. I also have CFIDS and my illnesses were triggered by a mycoplasma infection. I am still on antibiotic treatment for the mycoplasmas. I recently tried to cycle off of them and my profound fatigue returned with a vengeance. I will not be completely healed until the mycoplasmas are gone.

    IMHO, when the Gaui fails, it is usually because there are still hidden sals blocking the Gaui in the system. My doc said that he has a few patients who have not benefitted from the Gaui treatment. I also think a lot of people give up too fast and never reach their ideal dose. This isn't as easy as just taking a pill, but the results can be dramatic. It is the only treatment which offers the possibility of reversing the symptoms of FMS. The Guai is a very benign drug with few side effects. It's been around forever and isn't expensive.

    I know this is long, usually one of my pet peeves, but I felt it might be helpful for anyone unfamiliar with the treatment or anyone considering it.

    Love, Mikie

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    mikie, I appreciate you informative email. Could you please tell me how you find out what things contain sals. I had looked through Dr St Armand's book and I was overwhelmed with the things that contained it. I rembember some of the things like lipstick, face cream, and a long list of foods. I was overwhelmed because most products don't list it. What happens when you eat at someones house or at a restaurant? You can't ask them if there are any sals in the food. There aren't any Doctors in my area that know anything about Fibromyalgia so I'm really on my own. I have been on 800mg of Guia three times a day for about eight years for sinus problems. If I could figure out how to identify the Sals I would like to try it. Or does the fact that I haven't improved on the Guia mean that it probably won't work? Thanks, mzaun14
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    Mikie - I just posted to you about a Guai conflict I may be having, if you would be so kind as to look at the post. Thanks! K

    Mzaun - you do not need to worry about foods. Your liver can handle the small amt. of Sals in food. It's the concentrated amts. in extracts that are a problem. Just print the lists on the guaidoc website and in the book, find a couple of hours to yourself, and round up ALL the vitamins, supplements, hair and body products, including even your disposable razors which may have aloe strips on them, and medications that you use in once place. Go through them one at a time with the lists by your side and put them in 3 piles... 1) things you cannot use with Guai, 2) things you can use, 3) things you are not sure about because the inactive ingredients aren't listed. Put away, toss out, or give away the things you can't use, keep what you can use, and start calling 800 numbers on packages or going to company websites to ask about inactive ingredients on the questionable products. If you can't find an answer, don't use it. There are lists of Sal-free alternative products on the guaidoc site. I am actually glad I had to change shampoo and conditioner, because I like the ones I am using now a lot better than my old ones. Also, remember not to do any gardening without gloves on...that is the hardest one for me, since I have an extensive garden and it is so hot where I live.
    Good luck,
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    I'll be sure to look for your Guai post.

    Mzaun, Dr. St. A has stated that the things you wash off like soap and shampoo are not as critical as thing like lotions which are absorbed into the skin. A couple of general rules of thumb: Avoid anything with mint in it. It is OK to chew cinnamon gum, but not mint. There are no commercial mouthwashes which are safe to use, or at least, there were none when I stated on the Guai. This may have changed. Herbal supplements absolutely cannot be used. The cheaper the brand of personal care items, the less chance they contain real botanicals. Baby shampoo is usually safe.

    The tricky part is going through personal-care items to check for sals. Any chemical with the three letters, SAL, in any part of it's name should not be used. Many things contain stuff like castor oil, tea, sunflower oil, cocconut oil, etc. You just have to ferret out these things. The list of 1,000 common sals in the book are in alpha order, so if in doubt about an ingredient, look it up. They are using some really obscure plants in stuff. In something inexpensive where it lists the words, flavoring or fragrance, I usually don't worry. These are usually synthetics without sals. If they were using the real thing, they would list it on the label. Of course, by doing this, I risk introducing sals into my regimen, but I am almost two years into this.

    For someone starting out, I believe it is wise to eliminate all sals without doubt. I have found that like a lot of people, I can tolerate a few sals without blocking the Guai. I have to use sunscreen on my face and hands and it contains some sals. It's not enough to block the Guai. I don't worry about soap or shampoo either as I do a good job of rinsing them out. I don't recommend this until someone has been into the treatment a while and established his or her dose. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks Klutzo & Mikie for a quick response. I have made a search for the Guia website and have only been able to find a site that sells it. I can would like to see a list of the products that contain sals. I know that we are not supposed to give urls on this list . Is it proper to have an url sent to our home emails? I'm new and don't want to break any rules. If that is not possible is it ok to give me a hint of what I am to type in the search box. I tried "guaifenesin website" and had no luck. Thanks, mzaun14
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    On Guaifenesin and the third site down was Dr. St. Amand's.

    James just posted too that we have several articles in our library here. I didn't check them for the sal lists, though.

    Love, Mikie