For those on BHRT Sept 10 is VIP

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    In case you are not aware of this... please READ and take action... your call WILL help!!!

    The Importance of BHRT National Congressional Call-In Day

    Why is BHRT National Congressional Call-In Day on Sept. 10, 2008, so important?

    The answer is simple—we must unite together to call members of
    Congress and urge them to protect access for women's health. Though
    our objective and target are simple, this issue has been brewing for
    years between FDA, big Pharma and compounding pharmacists. As you
    know, the stakes in this battle are high—your healthcare options will
    be limited if FDA and pharmaceutical manufacturers have their way.

    What's happening? In 2005, Wyeth, the maker of Premarin and Prempro,
    called on FDA to shut down compounding pharmacies that prepare
    bioidentical hormone replacement therapies (BHRT). If Wyeth had its
    way, women being prescribed compounded hormone medicines to treat
    symptoms of menopause would be forced to discontinue their
In early 2008, FDA finally answered Wyeth's
    about compounded hormone medicines with a set of new policies. Most
    critically, FDA announced that it will "halt" compounding of hormone
    treatments that contain estriol.

    What is estriol? Estriol is a common component of many compounded
    hormone treatments prescribed by doctors. Estriol is one of three
    estrogen hormones produced by a woman's body. Women should talk to
    their doctor or pharmacist to find out if their hormone therapy
    contains estriol.

    Why is FDA trying to take away women's BHRT? Make no mistake—this
    fight is about Wyeth's wealth, not women's health. FDA's recent
    action is not based on scientific data or any medical justification.
    This is simply bad policy influenced by a big drug company.

    What are the Congressional resolutions calling on FDA to reverse its
    policy on estriol? The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S.
    Senate each have resolutions—H. Con. Res. 342 and S. Con Res. 88,
    respectively—calling for FDA to reverse its policy on estriol. The
    resolutions also call on the need for FDA to "respect the physician-
    patient relationship" and recognize that doctors, not FDA, are in the
    best position to "determine which medications are appropriate for
    their patients." They also point out that "FDA has acknowledged that
    it is unaware of any adverse events" associated with the use of
    estriol over the past three decades.

    These Congressional resolutions are a key tactic to send FDA a
    message that its estriol policy is not in the best interest of
    women's health. However, not all Senators and Representatives are
    aware of FDA's new policy and the effect it will have on women's
    health. On Wednesday, Sept. 10, the BHRT National Congressional Call-
    In Day will flood Capitol Hill with phone calls from concerned
    constituents who will urge their elected members of Congress to sign
    on to their respective Congressional resolution.

    Support women's health—mark your calendar to participate on Sept.
    10. And help us spread the word by clicking here.

    Calling is the key to protect BHRT!
    Learn more at

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    This is important. It seems this issue keeps coming up - I remember writing on it before. I'll make a note to call!

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    Today's the day to call - I just did - do it- it makes you feel better!


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