For those on FMLA on their jobs

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SweetT, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    Do you feel guilty when you have to call off?

    Or do you feel as if your employer is thinking, "see, yeah, that's proof that she/he cannot manage their illness....they're not dependable" ?

    Today, my body was like, not today, and I always feel so guilty about not going in, that I cannot even fully rest on my day off.
  2. Kazah

    Kazah New Member

    I'm off work today (all week so far)!

    I am lucky that i work with some fairly understanding people, some of which have thier own health problems which occasionally need time off.

    still doesn't help with the guilt though but what I've come to realise is that I love my job and i've never been a skiver. people know this and respect me if i say i need to rest up so his does help me.

    I would never call in sick unless i really needed to. it's been more about me trusting myself that my body is saying 'no, not today' and I have to listen.

    I always worry though, whilst lying on the sofa, that what if this time it doesn't die down and this is how it's gonna be for a long time. what if i can't go back to work. That would kill me. I always get really depressed when i'm too ill to work that this can't be my life, it has to get better. I usually come on here and chat to others to try and cheer myself up.

    I also worry that when i go back i have to fill in a form to say why i was away. I get funny looks from personnel and meetings about disability tend to get directed at me. I worry their gonna haul me in for a meeting and tell me i can't do my job any more. I know from these meetings though that they have to be careful when someone is identified as disabled but it seems to make them begrudge me a bit (they can't fire me no matter what kind thing)

    I think we both have to try not to feel guilty though. I go back to work and work twice as hard to make up for it and life's too short for guilt eh?!

    take care and hope you feel better soon. xxx
  3. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    bumping. there are others on fmla on their jobs.
  4. ll1816

    ll1816 Member

    I've been on FMLA since 8/7 due to two surgeries that I needed and it's about to expire.

    I've heard thru the grapevine that my employer is going to terminate my employment if I exceed the 12 weeks, which I will.

    I've been there for eight years and I can't believe it's come down to this. I wasn't told when I took the time off that it was their policy to terminate any employee who exceeds the 12 weeks, but found out (again thru the grapevine) that it is.

    When I've called HR to keep them posted on my progress and doctor appts. and asked what if I exceed the maximum allowance, the HR person has been very vague and has told me that it all depends. It makes me angry that this company wasn't upfront with me, especially when I asked.

  5. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all,

    I don't know what I would have done without the benefits of FMLA.

    I've had to request it 3 times. Right after it was enacted, I think like '92, my father became gravely ill, and since I'm the nurse in the family I was able to care for him until his death.

    When my Fibro/CFS symptoms were totally to the point that I could no longer ignore them or just keep pushing myself, I had to request FMLA(intermittent, so that when I needed to call off, it wouldn't be held against me) or I would have been fired.

    Lastly, just about 2 years ago, had to request a second one (my own and one because of my mother). This time it was my mom's declining health that I needed to attend to and was able to until her death.

    It really allowed me to "be there" for my parents when they needed me the most. IMHO, you have your whole life to work and there are always going to be bills to pay, however, those last tender moments that you have with a loved one come only once. I'm pleased that I was able to in some way repay my parents.

    I now am no longer able to work. Hope I can eventually speak kindly about another government program SSDI, as I await the date of my hearing.

    Good Luck to all.........Jill............
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  6. elizajane40

    elizajane40 New Member

    Every time I have to call off because of my FMLA related illness (fibro) I feel horrible. Most days I'm sick and I only call in when I am VERY sick. My boss sounds irritated when I call in. I work hard and always meet deadlines, etc. Now she has said she needs to talk to me about "opportunities for improvement".

    I can't seem to win for losing. I'm sick and probably shouldn't work at all. I have to though...I do the very best I can..However I feel the illness has taken so much from me...Yes I feel guilty but in mind I know I should not. I work hard when I can.....I use my FMLA rights when I can't. I'm afraid they are going to drum up some excuse to get rid of me....

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