For those out there recieving disability,,WHEN

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gmom605, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. gmom605

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    and how many years did they give you to go back ,to see if you are still disable,, i have to go back in 1-09 and get review again,,,,,,gmom,,,,,
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    I just found my approval letter and it said around 3yrs or so. That for me will be march2008 and I'm already felling nervy about it. I was so blessed the first time out I was approved,so now I feel with my luck they won;t renew it. I can only hope and pray I get my self back and not need it,but my sickness is getting worse. I pray for all of us that this is seen for it;s true diability.
  3. JLH

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    I have been on SSDI since around 2001. Since then, I have had a review twice.

    When you say "you have to go back in 1-09 and get reviewed again", I am not sure what you mean. You don't have to physically go anywhere--you don't have to go back to the Social Security office or any doctors offices.

    Each person who received SSDI is re-evaluated on a different schedule. The reevaluations are set based upon WHY you were disabled. Some will be reevaluated in 2-3 years and some not for 6-7 years, etc.

    My two reevaluations were no bid deal. I received a form in the mail for me to complete. It was about 4 pages. It just asked me to list the last 3 times that I visited a doctor and the reason why, the last 3 times (if any) that I was hospitalized, if I had discussed going back to work with my doctor (no), and did I consider myself feeling better or worse (worse!), etc.

    I just answered the questions honestly and mailed it back in. About a month or so later, I receved a letter from Soc. Sec. telling me that they did not see the need for them to talk to my doctors again or ask for any additional information; therefore, my SSDI would continue for another 3 years and at that time, I would be reevaluated again.

    Does this info help? Is this the type of info you wanted?

  4. gmom605

    gmom605 New Member

    thank you for your replys,,,,,,gmom,,,,,,

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