for those that are having trouble w/ their jobs, or need one...

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    just thought i'd pass on this info, as i thought it might benefit some of those on the board.

    i also read where one woman was having trouble with her physical work at a factory. i hope this may help.

    i've worked in the service industry all my life, pretty physical work. it's becoming more and more difficult to do, since getting FM. i know that i can not continue to do this for very long.

    i decided to call the Adult Learning Center in my town, where they offer some free classes, and also computer courses for a small fee. i'm pretty sure most cities/towns have something like this.

    i was thinking about maybe taking some computer courses to have something else to put on a resume or application.

    beings i don't have much experience in anything other than the service industry, it makes it hard to find another job, making my options very small.

    when i spoke to the lady at the Adult Learning Center, i explained my situation- my job experinece and the fact i have FM, and that it was making it hard to continue in that line of work, and how i wanted to learn something new so i could contiue to work.

    she then told me that from what i told her, i may be a good candidate for Vocational Rehabilitation, and gave me the number to call.

    i did and they said i would be eligable, and have set up an appointment for me at the end October. i'm sure since this a state program, it will probably take some time to get going.

    the purpose of Vocational Rehabilitation, is to help people who are disabled (and they don't mean only those who have won SSI or SSD, but all people with physical or mental impairments), find work that they would be able to do, by teaching them new skills, and helping them find a new job, so they can remain in the workforce.

    i'm super excited, i feel like i've been given a gift. a second chance, per say.

    so for anyone they may be having a hard time with their current jobs, or havn't been able to work becuase of FM or any other disabilty, hopefully this information will be useful for you.

    if you can't find the specific phone number for Vocational Rehabiltation, maybe call your county's welfare office, and they would probably be able to give you the number.

    i'll keep you all posted on more info once i go for my appointment on October 29th.

    best wishes to everyone.<3
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    Thanks so much for your Post!! i am sitting here wondering what to do next, as i have lost my job to hurricane Ike, like you i have always been in the service industry or had Physical Jobs!!! dont know much more than that. i have never had a desk Job, but never wanted one either,but now i have no choice. i need to work but know i cant do the physical work anymore. last week i took a job with fema disaster relief, working 12 to 14 hours a day 7 days a week....i lasted 3 days :( the money i could have made is sorely needed,it's good to know theres other options out there, i dont even know what to do or where to start.thanks again for your Great Post, ill be looking for something like that now, keep us posted tho on how it goes for you. we sure need it!
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    you are very welcome. makes me happy that i may be able to help someone else.

    best wishes with it.

    i'll definately keep everyone posted.
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    for Texas

    4900 North Lamar Blvd.
    Austin, TX 78751

    You can also send your questions or requests to us at this e-mail address:

    within this dept is Vocatinal Rehabilitation--there is a link that lists all the depts. in the state

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    in certain cases with voc rehab help. I know someone who started up a mobile grooming business and is quite successful.

    I think the program is called PASS. This was about 2005
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    thanks for all the other information shared.

    it's nice to know that there is help available, and options for people like ourselves. makes my heart feel good. <3
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    thanks so much for the post, with my brainfog right now i would have looked for days to find the right website!thanks again {{Hugs}} Kat
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    But, I went through VR when I first decided to try to return to work part time. The whole process was agonizingly slow and they finally assigned my Ticket To Work to the most pathetic individual. He was totally out of his league in his job. I ended up going out and getting a job on my own. That said, though, I'm sure it all depends on where one lives and the resources available. I would certainly recommend trying VR but be prepared to do a lot on your own. These are state programs and most of them have fiscal years which begin July 1. Once the money for education and job training runs out, you have to wait until the next July. This would be a good time to try to find training and/or school. Good luck.

    BTW, SS assures you that if you use the Ticket To Work, they will not review your medical case. They don't tell you that they review your disability entitlement once you start to work. I just had to fill out a questionnaire going clear back to 2001 regarding how much money I have made. Like I can even remember yesterday let alone 2001. I've not made more than what is considered "significant work" so I should be OK, but once they focus in on you, no telling what they might do.

    Love, Mikie