for those that do medical billing/coding

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    I have read some of the posts about work at home jobs. My kids are going back to school soon and I am hoping to find a job on-line.

    I have also thought about pursuing a medical billing/coding
    program. Some of the community colleges offer it too.

    I have been on craigslist and other job websites. While there are job postings for these types of positions, I've noticed that they all require experience.

    My question is: For those of you that are working in this capacity at the present time, how did you acquire your training? Do you work at home? Is there much flexibility in your work hours? Was it difficult for you to find a job in this field?


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    It helps if you have taken medical terminology. I had not had experiece then just the class. I took the class at the vocational school in my town. I went 8 weeks one night a week for 3 hours.

    Be leary of any of job listings on Craigs list and do not pay any money to get a job, most are scams.

    Coding can be hard there are large coding books we use, you have to be very specific.
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    Anyone on the board do medical transcribing at home? I have often thought this is something I could do with training.