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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jane32, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. jane32

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    Today was my 2nd time and I felt it hurt more. She manipulated the needles to cause an ache sensation and then she took them out. But the one under my wrist and abdomen still feels funny.

    I have no clue how peopel find this relaxing and fall asleep. I am only doign it b.c I hope it helps my fatigue and fevers but definitely not relaxing for me. My acupuncturist is very good and told me that some people feel no sensation (which amazes me!)..she said I must be very in tune with my body. (I think you ahve to be with CFS).

    I was just wondering if the sessions get better. I feel a little relaxed afterwards.

    LISALOO New Member

    I've had two people do this on me, my regular dr and the one who covered him when he was gone for a week to China.

    My regular doctor, great, no pain other than a little pinch when they go in. Very relaxing for me since no pain during.

    Other acupuncturist, yeah he digs them in to find the spot and I laid there in pain. Definately not fun. Didn't help my fatigue.

    Looking for a new acupuncturist because it only helps my fatigue for that day and it's too expensive.
  3. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    ache pain..I read online that they have to hit a certain spot so I figure that is what she was doing. I interviewed tons of people and the chinese guys were great but I felt Like I could not explain my symptoms to them and just felt more comfortable with her. She stays in the room with me.

    I figured I would try it for a couple more weeks.I am starting my chinese herbs this week too.

    Thanks everyone!
  4. quilp

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    My acupuncturist helps relieve my pain and increase my energy levels. I believe CFS patients like myself get most help from those practising traditional chinese medicine. Here the underlying causes are treated ( like low Chi ) and not just the symptoms. I feel that at least six weekly sessions are needed; perhaps it is unrealistic to expect a modicum of improvement after only two or three treatments. I pay £20 ( $35) a session lasting forty five minutes.
    Good luck, Mark
  5. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    No help from Chinese doctors (herbal) or acunpuncture. I don't think this is a big Chinese disease.

    Now, if you have liver problems of any sort, this is definitely where you should go. If anyone can fix you, it's going to be them. I don't know about the acupuncture, but ther herbs especially. (Bupleurum, a chinese herb,, has actually been proven by Weestern researchers to help the liver. I think it's better to get them in the combination, though.)

    It may be hard to get a good Chinese doctor or acupuncturist. My Chinese doctor helped my husband with his liver problems _tremendously_ but did nothing for me. I think he was good (but only was available because my husband is from Taiwan and speaks Chinese). My acupuncturist was supposed to be very good, but she was Western and might not have had good training.

    Now, reflexology seems _very_ useful for me, and other people on the board have said the same thing. You've really got to get a Chinese one (one trained in China or Taiwan) and then insist on having pain (preferably the worst pain you've ever had in your life) if you're going to get anywhere. There's a place in SF chinatown that's okay, although they're still too gentle (especially with westerners). I live in Chicago and think there should be someone here, but thus far no luck. My "innovative" CFS doctor in Indianapolis would like to get one too, but so far has been unsuccessful. I guess I could move to Taiwan and live with my mother-in-law just to get them (I very well might feel almost totally better if I did....I honestly believe that), but that does seem a bit extreme.
  6. Slayadragon

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    Oh, if you're depressed, the one thing that helped me is to put a needle right on the solar plexus. That's helped me. The "third eye" seems to have been helpful too. Otherwise, no help. Maybe it's just too mild. Or maybe they've hit the wrong spots. Acupuncturists can be very stubborn, but see if they can put a few needles right into your painful swollen nodes and see what happens, regardless of whether they say it's the right place based on your pulse etc. It probably won't help a lot regardless, but it's the only thing that's even given me a bit of relief.
  7. Anita B.

    Anita B. New Member

    Over the years, I've had about 300 acupuncture treatments. On the theory that it was an art, I've been (successively) to 10 or so licensed acupuncturists, some trained in China (but practicing in the U.S.), some trained in the U.S. and some trained in both places. It does hurt when the needle goes in, particularly if the practioner is trying to find a point where the "energy" connects to the pain you're experiencing. But after a couple of minutes, the pain is supposed to go away. If it continues, you can ask the acupuncturist to move the needle in the place where it is; if it continues to hurt after he/she does that, the acupuncturist will usually remove the needle and find some other spot. Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that acupuncture does not help me. I certainly did give it enough time; some of these acupuncturists I saw once or twice a week for a year or even two years. I didn't experience any decrease in pain, nor did I have any increase in energy or any other positive effects from the acupuncture. I have also taken herbs that some of the acupuncturists have recommended, also with no benefit. If I ever try acupuncture again, I'll go back to one who actually kept putting in needles, and removing them, until she elicited a strong "ouch" from me, where I seemed to feel for a couple of seconds, a similar quality of pain (but at a greater intensity) as I have all the time in my muscles. When she found the place that really hurt, she would leave the needle in for the full session. (As I said above, the pain goes away after a minute or so.) I realize that this is perhaps the opposite of the effect you're looking for from the needles so it may be that you don't have the tolerance for acupuncture. Not everyone does, and if after you've had some more sessions you find that's the case with you, you might try massage (with oils) instead. I find a good professional massage far more helpful than any acupuncture treatment has ever been. I just re-read your post, and it seems your acupuncturist is putting the needles in briefly, moving them, and then removing them. That is one style of acupuncture that works for some people. (I have had this style of acupuncture too.) Another style is to put the needles in and leave them there for 20 minutes or half an hour. I found the latter style more relaxing, although only while on the table, as the relaxation never lasted once I got off the table.
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    Dear Jane,
    I've been gong to Acupuncture treatments since March. Right from the begfinnng, my Acupuncturist told me that I would feel worse before I felt better. This happens every time he uses a new configuration.

    Last Friday he did just that, beause we found out why I'm not getting enough Oxygen at night. Fibro seems to make it hurt worse, but I will admit, it hurt a little. However, I made sure I came straight home afterwards (almost) and rested. I still rested the next day. Even though my muscles still hurt a little, I have more energy, and my "pain kickbacks" are a lot less.

    If the needles are put in subcutaneously, they will not hurt. If they are put into the muscles,or if the Acupuncturist hits a meridian point right on, thet will hurt. Sometimes a nerve gets in there.

    I don't fall asleep, because I don't lie own. I do, however, meditate during my treatments. I get very relaxed, and as long as I don't try to move, I'm O.K..

    I feel that these treatments are really worth it. They are normalizing the whole body, and that takes time, especially if one has been ill for a long time. I can read again, and balance my checkbook. My fibro is almost in total remission, and my spirits are a whole lot better.I feel truly happy, again.

    Good luck to you. I hope you find it beneficial.

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