For those that have been on STD and gone back to work

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    Even though I have had Fibro for many years, I never missed more than 2 or 3 days from work at a time. As I get older it's getting harder to fight. In January my father passed away after a long fight with Inclusion Body Myositis and within a few weeks I was in a flare like I had never experienced.

    I have been on STD since February 3rd and am starting to talk about going back to work. I was thinking of going half days the first couple of weeks and then full time. Only thing is my work is stressful and OT is always unexpected, you can't plan for it.

    I am still dealing with the fatigue and am worried if I go back and am pushed to hard I will relapse. Having a set schedule I can depend on would be very important for me to maintain my health. What has been your experiences with the doctor stating no more than 40 hour weeks?

    I have a decent boss and if a doctor stated this he would definately honor it without repercutions. I understand I wouldn't be eligible for promotions, but I really don't want any as I don't want the additional responsibilites/stress that would accompany them.

    Thanks in advance.
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    bumping for you.

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