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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SweetT, Dec 2, 2008.

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    How do you find solitude on your breaks?

    I guess I especially mean for those who are not Management staff (who have the privilege of having their own offices). If you are rank and file staff, only have a cubicle (and you cannot stay in your cubicle because people will still bring work to you), and your workplace has no quiet room, the cafeterias are too noisy, and it's too cold to go rest in your car (not to mention dangerous, because I work downtown in the heart of the homeless criminal population---the homeless people close to my job are sex-offenders and drug addicts), WHAT DO YOU DO?

    At this point it's not necessarily my work product (even though my energy and speed is not what it used to be), but my coworkers, with their loudness and distracting ways, that may make me decide to quit.

    My regular lunch buddy (who is quiet like me) is on medical leave, having surgery, and during that time, I wanted to be able to go somewhere quiet to do my reading for my class on my lunchbreak (this class will be over in less than two weeks). Now I cannot go anywhere! I get an hour for lunch, and I could take a nap during that time, if the organization would provide a quiet room. They refuse to give me a private office (because I'm not Management), even with all kinds of documentation from a doctor, and even under ADA law, and the building is huge, so the organization is not too small to accommodate me.
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    Hmmm, that's tough. I do work outside the home, but I have total flexibility and rarely take a lunch. Do you have to take your lunch at a certain hour? Do they provide a lunch room or break room? I'm just thinking if you took it a little later or earlier, maybe the room wouldn't be full? Is there a conf room they'd be willing to let you sit in if not being used? A back corner somewhere with a chair? Without knowing your particular company it's hard to give really good suggestions, but I'd try to be creative.
    Is there any place close to where you work - a little coffee shop, maybe not so popular that it's crowded everyday that has a corner booth you could hang out in for an hour? I'm thinking coffee type shop cause they're usually not so crowded at lunch time or after.

    I had a co-worker years ago that would leave for lunch. I never knew where she went everyday cause she'd bring her lunch back and eat at her desk after she'd been gone for an hour. Finally she said, she would go sit at a hotel down the street in the lobby - it was fairly quiet, had a fireplace and couches. She'd go read.

    I'd see if I could find a quiet corner in your building somewhere and ask if they'd mind if you put a chair there for you to hang out in at the very least. Other than that, I'm not sure.


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