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    Have any of you heard of Hoodia?This is the latest and greatest appetite suppresant.It is an herb from south africa that is used by the bushmen tribes out in the desert.They often go long periods of time without eating due to food being scarce so to cope with this they chew on a cactus that decreases there hunger and helps them to feel full quicker when they do eat.
    Scientists found out about this so they went and studied the cactus and were able to isolate a molecule in it that is 10,000 times stronger than glucose.Glucose is what singnals our hypothalmus gland that we are full.I don't want to ramble on and on about this but suffice to know that this stuf is legit if you can get your hands on true hoodia and not much of the fake hoodia that pervades the market.
    Yes this is a snag because there are lots of underhanded opportunists out there swindling people out of there money selling fake impotent hoodia.I can recommend one on the market called Hoodoba that is the real thing and has worked for me and a few others that I know.
    This is not a bogus product if you get real hoodia.The person who origonaly told me about this is my uncle and he is a doctor who graduated #1 in his class from Stanford medical school and is one of the leading experts in the United States on medication.He is using it and it is working for him and his wife who is a nurse.
    It only curbs appetite,it does not speed metabolism so it will be up to you to eat less and the hoodia can help you potentialy.Again the brand that worked for us is called Hoodoba.I am not overweight but tried it just out of curiosity and it did take away my hunger so if you decide to have a go at it I hope it will do the same for you.Good luck and God bless.It would be very risky to use a different brand than Hoodoba due to the large percentage of bogus hoodia.We used a different brand at first[expensive] and it was worthless and completely impotent.

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