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  1. LCasey

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    I am a therapist and was diagnosed with CFS & FM in 98 at the age of 35. I have worked since I was 16 and worked at least part time even through 5 years of college. When I received my letter turning me down, I responded with a letter to wit: I replied that the governing board making the decisions as to approval or denial was not fully medically staffed. I supplied them with all the medications (10) at that time that I was taking, along with copies of the pharmacy side effects. With being a therapist other patients depended on me being able to perform my job safely. I informend them that them that after confering with my attorney, the decision was that I was being discriminated against due to my age. My work records through social security proved that I had a life long employment history and was fully aware of my rights and looked forward to seeing the panel in court. I received a response the next month informing me that I was approved and would be receiving back pay. If you are turned down, it is most likely the norm to turn everyone down the first time. Make sure you let them know you are fully aware of your medical situation, medical side effects of the medicines you are taking and the nedglect you would be placing anyone in should you try to perform work under such medications. I asked them myself.... if one of the panel members could perform their sit down jobs under the medications I was currently taking. I guess it hit home and they knew I was serious and prepared ahead of time as to their denial. If you provide all the information to start with and present in a manner that shows them you have researched your rights, likely hood of you receiving benefits will be greater.
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    Hi LCasey,

    Wow! I was really impressed with your post. I'm currently am seeking SSDI. I applied in 11/05, got 1st rejection and 2nd rejection on the reconsideration phase.

    So now I'm waiting for the court date, which I know could be another year or more!

    I was a nurse for 30 years, with a fairly stable work history (when I was ever off it was due to my increasing anxiety, fatigue and pain problems).

    I am 47 which I know is still considered a "little" young by their standards. I am also on 10 or 12 meds, which most cause considerable side effects. I would never be able to return to nursing at my present cognitive and physical state. I cannot think of any job that I could responsibly and most of all reliably do (post-exertional malaise really bad). For every maybe 2 or 3 hours of work I would need a day or two off!

    What I really wanted to know is if you think I could do something like you did.....although I really don't think I can say I've been discriminated against. Got any ideas?
    I'd love to have an additional info/ammunition to speed things is getting tight!
    Thanks a lot...............Jill................
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    I am so proud of you. I am 35yrs. old and I applied back in August. If I get denied I definitely know what to do. I go to see their psychiatrist this Friday. So be praying for me. I didn't have to see their Medical Doctors so that is good.

    Thank you!!!!
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    The advice I can give to you all is to get the records that social security has on you well before the hearing. I was floored at some of the things my doctors said in their responses to ss. You have the right to the records and responses from docs....get them and go over them with a fine tooth comb! It may keep you from going to the Appeals Council for another chance at a hearing.
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    Thank you for the information.
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    hi there, i am in UK and aged 18 years old. I applied for DLA at 17 years old as soon as i was diagnosed although i was written of work and claiming incapacity benidit already. I was accepted and given higher rate motibility and middle rate care and since had a grant for a walk in shower and i have a car on the motibity scheme. Although i am one of the unlucky ones to have FMS IBS and RLS i consider myself lucky to have been given these benifits because i know hoe difficult it can be and how many loose out. I have started college now 3 half days a week and so far so good but i am so much more tired then usuall and sleeping all afternoon and night. I hope that after college i can work at least part time for myself because although i am recieveing all these benifits i am still struggling to live on the money i recieve. Anyway thats my story - my advice to those who have been declined is to keep on trying and trying.

  7. sdown

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    Well it appears its the same worldwide! In Canada as well everyone is turned down the first time. I was told by a few people on disability to prepare my appeal letter now.
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    Well after 3 months of my insurance company losing my records they told me over the phone that there is no indication that I have a disability. Umm they have over 175 pages of documented medical history which as of yesterday they hadn't looked at. My doctor is a specialist in the field of CFS and FM for 25 years (as his daughter has it).
    When I asked the insurance "clerk" who reviewed the records and did they have the expertise in judging my disease, she didn't have an answer. She said they have "heard" of it. We all are getting ripped off by the insurance companies.

    I found out that I now have mono, maybe they will recognize that disease.

    Like everybody else if I do something for an hour I need to rest for 3. I finally asked them if they could hire me to work one hour a day and pay me full time. Today I immediately have got a lawyer who is going to help with SSD and my insurance company.

    If you do this, get someone experienced. I am now too tired to do this on my own.

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