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  1. kar1953

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    Hi all! Just a quick question. Did you always suffer from allergies or was it just since the fms or cfs? I never had allergies before, but now in the last couple of weeks I have been sneezing my head off & then my head gets stuffy & my nose runs. Last night it was so bad that when my hubby asked me a question & I started to answer the sneezing started & he says "ok, whenever you're done sneezing, you can give me your answer"!

    I'm not sure if I'm getting a cold or if it is an allergy. Is this the time for outdoor allergies? I spend alot of time outdoors when I can. I don't know since I've never had to deal with it. Hope it's not a cold as I am scheduled for surgery in two weeks.

    Take care........Kathi
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    I have a similiar experience as nick. Always had allergies, but, much, much worse with CFS. I am now battling hives which probably indicates I'm eating something that I'm allergice too. Have to go off Zyrtec for 7 days before I can be tested. Stopped allergy shots a few years ago, but, am considering starting again. Very curious how I will do with the shots and CFS. Best of luck, Tulip
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    or a family history of atopic allergies are thought to be more prone to develop CFS.

    Lots of us have a change around in TH1 and TH2 lymphocytes, some of us also have low suppressor cells. This would account for becoming more reactive.

    Allergies/intolerances after becoming ill are very common, but they are one aspect you can do something about. That's why so many avoid certain foods, chemicals etc. Addressing these helps to lessen the overload our bodies are frequently trying to deal with.


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  4. Shirl

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    Did not develope allergies untill way after the Fibro. Nothing bothered me.

    Then all of a sudden I had problems with new stores, new houses, new cars, etc! I would get deadly sick from going in a new car, or even that 'new car' smell they sprey when you get your car detailed.

    Its chemicals with me now more than plants, pollen etc. I started drinking water, half my body weight in ounces of water a day, and a quarter teaspoon of Sea Salt through out the day.

    I used to have sinus attacks with horrific headaches five to six times a week. Now it just happens once in a while.

    I am so happy not to be allergic to everything anymore. But I am very careful with chemicals, especially products that you clean the house with.

    Sure hope you get better soon, that sneezing is a pain in the butt (but it does clear out your sinus cavities)!

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. kar1953

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    I am thinking that it is outdoor allergies or my new kitties. Today it rained so I was indoors all day except to go to work. I only played with kittens for moments. Very little sneezing today.

    I think I read or heard somewhere that rain washes the pollen out of the air??? Or maybe I am just crazy!:) Makes sense to me, but probably by tomorrow the pollen will be back. Maybe it was mowing the yard yesterday.

    I'll have to try to notice what I have been doing when the sneezing starts.

    Anyhoo, thanks for all the good info. I'm not surprised that it would be part of fms. Everything else is. LOL.

    BTW, Shirl, what would the sea salt have to do with easing the allergies? I don't think I could drink half my body weight in water every day. That would be 67.5# of water. I'm not sure how much a quart of water weighs, but I can't imagine drinking that much in a day. I'd never be able to leave the house to drive my bus (unless they put a porta-john on it!). lol

    Boy can you tell I'm in fog land. you said half your body weight in ounces, not pounds! Really had me confused there for a while!:)

    Take care.......Kathi
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  6. Plantscaper

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    that has been about 27 years, now..and could never tolerate allergy shots, although I tried, encouraged by others..But, when my brain really started to fail was after a series of allergy shots, seemingly, may be some connection..

    But I do know that allergy shots overwhelm my immune system, and amplifies my CFS symptoms, to the point, that I had to visit the hospital once..During the spring/summer/fall, I have had to stay inside most of the time in filtered air, to ward off the allergies that usually lead to horrendous migraines...

    I discussed this reaction to allergy shot with an allergy doc and she indicated that if you are prone to developing autoimmune diseases, that your immune system will not work correctly with the allergy shots..That took many years to find that explanation...

    Finally, this year, after being on OLE, my allergy symptoms have improved greatly and I don't experience the horrendous headaches, which were daily to 3xdaily during these seasons..I hope that, at least, this will have been treated effectively...I also take Quercitin/Bromelain, but it is the OLE that has really make the difference.


  7. kredca4

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    It was a slow Process, but I started getting bad reactions to things that I have eaten or worn for years.

    Also I'm allergic to bug and insect bites.

    After I was dx, I was reading a book by Dr. Starlanyl, and she talks about folks having Histimine Problems, and also how Black Flies, Mosquitos and other insects seem to be drawn to us, (so they can draw out blood, the little suckers, lol)

    I take Vistril 3 times a day, at first it made me sleepy, but after 2 weeks that cleared up, and no if I miss a dose, I get runny nose, and eyes water, sneeze my head off, and get very anxious, it works for anxiety also.

    Good luck, you could put in a Porta-Potty, I have one in my Van and one on the Boat, never leave home without one.

  8. jeniwren

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    I've had allergies all my life. So far I can't say there's any difference since being diagnosed with FMS.

    Have a great day, Jeni
  9. kar1953

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    Jeni, I think you're the first that said they had allergies before & they didn't get worse. So it kinda sounds like developing allergies are a part of fms/cfs along with everything else.

    Sharon, is Vistril an Rx or OTC? I have Benedryl (sp?) & used to take that for sinus headache & the associated stuffy head. I wonder if that will help. I know if I take one, I have to also take a nap:)

    Thanks again for your input. I appreciate it.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Take care.....Kathi
  10. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    Yes Vistril is an Rx med. It's better for me than the Benedryl, but a lot of the members here do use the Benedryl with sucess. Just becareful that you don't take to much.

    A few years ago, I was taking the Benedryl for allergies, and I was taking cough syrup with the B. in it, and also I was using a creme for the rashes I was gettin. Gave me a really Bad reaction. Went to ER, they gave me a shot of Vistril and that's what I have been using ever since.

    You just never know how you will react to a med, try the Childrens strength if you have trouble taking med's, like I do.

    Have you talked to your DOctor? Mine put me on the Vistril, because folks with FMS have a Histmine problem, it sure helps me.

    Have a great weekend also.

  11. klutzo

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    The reason allergies get worse or appear for the first time after getting FMS/CFS is that the TH2 side of the immune system goes into overdrive, leaving the TH1 side undefended.
    Since the reactions to allergens and chemicals are TH2 functions, they become overzealous, causing us to react to things that should not cause a problem.
    Avoidance is key, but for what I can't avoid, I use Benadryl. It's cheap, and it works better than all the fancy newer stuff. I don't mind the sleepiness....I can use it since I am usually too hyped up!
    Have you been skin-tested? Cats are a major allergen for many people. Also, the darker the cat's fur, the more likely you are to be allergic. We have two cats, and I am only allergic to one of them. He is 11 yrs. old and I could never get rid of him, but I won't get any more cats once these are gone. I hope your kittens are not the problem...they are so wonderful to have around.
  12. Shirl

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    You just gave me a big laugh, I though the same thing when I first read that ounces to pounds thing :)

    Believe me, I could use a 'Porta-John' next to the computer as it is!

    I read this in a book called: 'ABC of Asthma, Allergies & Lupus' by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

    You can also check the website
    They have a lot of information on water drinking and taking small amounts of salt for the sinus etc.
    They are only selling the books/tapes. I got my book from Barns and Nobel.

    You would be suprised how important it is to drink water. I only took a sip of water to take a pill, never drank a glass of water that I can remember before I read this book.

    Now I keep one bottle by the computer and one by the sofa. This way I don't forget to drink it everyday!

    Shalom, Shirl