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  1. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    I am really having a hard time coping and figuring out when to take care of my responsibilities outside of the home, besides work. Also, I desire some form of a social life.

    I have realized that resting on Saturday is key to how the next week will go. On a Saturday, or any off of work day, if I stay out for too long, I'll miss a nap, get too wound up, restless, and then Monday (the start of my workweek) will be miserable.

    So how do these ideas sound?

    ~On days-off from work, spend no more than 2-3 hours outside of the home (or hotel/motel if on vacation) at a time. After that couple to few-hour period, go home and rest, for at least a few hours. Later, I can enjoy dinner and a movie or an event (such as a party). Again, the mandatory 3-hour rule applies, unless I'm spending the night somewhere.

    ~Do as many light household chores as possible during the week, after work, such as doing a small load of laundry every other night, instead of saving it all for Sunday.

    ~Try your best to squeeze a maid-service into your budget, for once a month. After a once-a-month heavy-duty cleaning, you can just do maintenance.

    Please share your ideas for those of us that still work or go to school, but have little energy for anything else.

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  2. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    Thanks. You didn't ramble.I know what you mean by forgetting what you are saying in mid-conversation :)

    Just want to clarify to everybody: When I say "social life", I do not mean all-night cabarets. I mean just being able to go watch the latest movie at a theatre, should I decide to splurge with my money that way. Or stopping by a friend's house, who may have just had a baby, to visit for a couple of hours. Or joining a few coworkers or classmates for a couple of hours at a restaurant.

    Fortunately, in Ohio, people cannot smoke in restaurants anymore (it's the law), so there's no need for a nonsmoking section. Every section is nonsmoking, which makes for a much more pleasant dining-out experience.

    It's hard for me to remember things, even my 'bright' ideas. That's why it's so important that I get input on this subject and have a written guide to how I should adapt my life.
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  3. arthursgrl

    arthursgrl New Member

    Y'know, all of the tips you've given so far are really good. Another one is to not do your exercising all at once. Break it up. 10 mins at a time if you can handle that much. I do alot of walking but can't do yoga or any aerobic exercise. I find walking is just fine. I do some tai chi as it helps. Another thing you can do is do a few dishes at a time. If you let them pile like most ppl who work, do glasses and silverware one night, then plates and bowls another, etc. It will help as some ppl can't stand there for long. Me included.

    When I'm at work (I work in a call center) I stand up while i'm on the phone with ppl and walk around a little bit. Helps to keep the pain in my legs and back to a bare minimum. Anyways, I need to go and eat. Hope to get more tips from everyone.
  4. KMD90603

    KMD90603 New Member

    Your ideas all sound great. Anything you can do to lessen your load and allow yourself more time to rest will only help. For myself, I find that it's all about alternating activity with rest. Often times it is a delicate balancing act, and I'm still practicing with it. But, many days I have to factor in at least a 1 hour nap (minimum), though 2 to 3 hours is optimum. If I don't get that nap, I'm basically useless later on. It pretty much ruins the rest of my day, and I walk around feeling like I'm on my death bed.

    Give those various things you've mentioned a try. If they work, then great! If they don't, then try to think of other things that might help. It's all a matter of trial and error.

  5. JonAnne

    JonAnne New Member

    I read in one of my MANY CFIDS books about the 50% rule. Take what you want to get done and then cut that in 1/2 and do that. If you are still exhausted, then next time do 40%, and it really helps. I would have GREAT DAYS and just bust my fanny and then wham, I would be in bed all day the next day. now I really do the 50%rule and it keeps me out of bed most of the time. Get someone to come in and clean once a month- HUGE timesaver. Also there are places called Saving Dinner where you can get a months worth of meals prepared and then freeze them for later days. (Like the days when it's all you can do to turn on the microwave.) Hope this helps. Anne
  6. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    I'm sure that others have ideas.
  7. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Especially since I tend to hibernate more in the winter!

    I've been thinking about the maid thing. How much would a maid do?

  8. fungirl2100

    fungirl2100 New Member

    Thanks for the tips. Some I will try to use. I am on such a strict budget with all the student loans, mortgage, car payments, insurance & incidentals there is no extra money for a maid service. For goodness sakes I would drop to part time if I could afford it!!!!

    For most, some on SSI maid service not an option. Doing the chores as you go along great. Getting someone to help you priceless. My husband helps me out a great deal & I know my good old mom would to if I asked. My father-in-law comes over & helps when we have major issues.

    So, thanks again. I can't wait until I can afford a maid service to come clean my house! Also, work p.t. I carry the health insurance for everyone since my employer actually pays fully for my insurance & half for my hubby it's great & working p.t. would take that away from us.

    As many know health insurance is sky high...

    Thanks though for many of your helpful hints.

    your pal,
    Fun ;)
  9. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    it's hard for me to manage anything but my work.

    there is a website I found a long time ago... I think it was called flylady or something like that. Anyway she had great tips. Like.. she had a 25 fling boogie where you got up and picked up 25 things and put them away.

    Or try seeing what you can do in 2 minute increments.

    The problem is I think we all get so overwhelmed that we know we can't ever get caught up so we just give up. Most of us can do anything though for a couple of minutes. In a couple of minutes you can do a sink of dishes, or wipe off a counter. Don't try to tackle the world just a little piece of it. Say.. the computer table your setting at right now!
    ugh... I guess I better go home and practice what I preach cuz as we speak I've got clean laundry piled up on the couch waiting for me, an unmaid bed and a sink of dishes! UGGH!

    As for social life... hmmmmm.. I'm an event planner by trade.. I get enough social life at work! lol!

    I miss having time and energy to spend great quality time with my grandbabies instead of sleeping through my day off.

    I think I'm rambling so I'll sign off..
    hugs to all!
  10. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    I have yet to do the maid service--------I'm really funny about strangers being around my personal belongings. About the only thing that I wouldn't have a problem hiring someone for is carpet cleaning.
  11. Cashmere

    Cashmere New Member

    Every Saturday I write down what I would like to accomplish over the weekend. As I complete each task I cross it off the list. Many times I may only cross a few items off the list. THe open items just move over to the next day or the next weekend. That works well for me. I work full-time and attend school part-time. There is absolutly NO time for anything extra during the week.

  12. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    I finally got to the point where I had to go out on disability. I had absolutly no life! I was sick all day at work and flopped on the couch and fell asleep as soon as I got home. I had to sleep the whole weekend!

    Life is better now that I'm no longer working. It saved me!
    Best of luck...

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