For those who have had a colonoscopy

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  1. jbennett2

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    are you tired? I had one done two days ago and am still so tired that I just may fall asleep at my desk! Is it because of the lack of food for 2 days (I have been eating like a pig since then) or the sedation that has not worn off yet - which doesn't make a lot of sense after 2 days.

    Did anyone else feel exhausted after theirs??

    btw - the colonoscopy was normal - at least something is!
  2. lvjesus

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    I did sleep the rest of the day, but was fine the next. Did they put you all the way out or just into "twilight sleep"?

  3. Christinawensell

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    I was in extreme pain for several days after wards. They gave me no sedation for the colonoscopy at all, and they did 5 biopsy's.
    The saying goes that with fibro patients that it feels like a 18 wheeler ran over you each morning. I was looking for the convoy that ran over me.
    I am sorry you are so tired.
    My advice to you is rest and take it easy, my doctor said that it was normal.

    wishing you sweet dreams,
  4. NyroFan

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    I had two done so far: five years apart. And I was as normal as normal can be, except for the FM/CFS. I was not a bit tired. I was just put in the twilight zone and watched the monitor with the doctor: what I could see of it. He kept asking me if I was OK. Sure was. They put me in a recovery room and I was first one out.
  5. jbennett2

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    They told me that I would be awake during the procedure and could watch on the screen - but I fell asleep and did NOT want to wake up. They made me wake up after an hour in recovery and fed me toast. When I got home, I tried to nap, but couldn't fall asleep, so just sort of rested on the couch. I remember nothing about it after they put the valium and fentanyl in my hand.
  6. Milo83

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    Up until my last one, I would always feel more tired/washed out for a day or two after having it done......

    My last one was great, and I was completly out, they told me, it was fairly new, that once you woke up, you wouldn't have that tired feeling........
    After my last one (1.5yrs) ago, I came home and went about my normal business - didn't feel sleepy one bit

    Glad to hear it was normal.........

    Take Care........L, Donna
  7. cjcookie

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    possible that the change in your diet and then the anesthesia has "messed" with your system. Make sure and take vitamins and eat well and hopefully, this will wear off soon.

    By the way, the last time I had one, the doc said I had to do it again because I was not all the way cleaned out. I called in to tell them that a threw up some of the last two bottles and they said to get some more but I guess it wasn't enough. First I have to find a doc that takes Medicaid (I had other insurance then) and then I get to do it all again. Yippee! or Yippooo!
  8. Meekah

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    I've had two done (2 yrs apart) and I was exhausted for days after each one.

    But, then again I was always exhausted in those days...

    Hugs and Prayers
  9. fivesue

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    And they gave me medication! Just not enough!It was a real bummer!

    I do hope you feel better, and I think you are more the norm than I. Please rest as much as you can.

  10. pam_d

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    I had a half-day gynological procedure a couple of weeks ago where they gave me general anesthesia---that afternoon, I went out to the store for cat food, which I was not supposed to do, but I felt fine (and I had neglected to realize that my cats were out of food ahead of time). Anesthesia can knock a lot of folks for a loop, though....

    I know people that say the worst part of a surgery was the anesthetic, not the pain afterward. So I think these things can really vary from person to person.

    I'm glad your colonoscopy was normal, though, and hopefully you're fine now...