?? for those who have had frozen shoulder

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  1. daylilyfan

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    I have a "half frozen shoulder"... I can move my arm up to about shoulder level, and that's it.

    I also have RSD in that shoulder, and one of the symptoms is unusual sweating. I'm trying to figure out if this problem is from the frozen part, or the RSD part.

    On the side with the half frozen shoulder, my underarm sweats quite a bit. Now, realize, I am usually cold, because I try to conserve, and keep my house at 60 degrees, and it is about 65 at work.... My unaffected under arm does not sweat.

    I have been using my regular deodorant, which is Dove, and it's an anti-persperant-deodorant. I've tried adding in the other one I like, which is a natural one - mineral salts. I can't raise the arm very well to wash but I am sure I am cleaning the area well, and drying it well.

    A few weeks ago, I started to notice a stronger odor, not like the "normal" odor I would have if I were really sweating if I were working outside or something. I have tried wiping the underarm with alcohol, with tea tree based antiseptic and that has not helped. Today I tried FDS of all things, because I figured it was for "private areas" so it had to be a strong deodorant, and would be gentle... It has not helped. I don't have any itching, but I am wondering if it might be a bit of yeast infection - so might try putting some cream for that on it at night to see if it helps.

    It's bad enough that I am self-concious about anyone standing close to me.

    My question is..... If you have had, or have now, frozen shoulder - did you have any problem with unusual amounts of sweat under there from not being able to lift your arm??? I'm wondering if I am actually sweating more, or if it is just not able to dry at all because no air can get to it as I move, because I can't move???

    Anyone have any ideas on what I can try using for this problem??

    I have a Dr. check in a few weeks, and I can ask her then about it... I don't really think it warrants a visit just for this.

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  2. ilovecats94

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    Hi Day!
    I've had both of my shoulders frozen and never noticed any odor problem. I use the Dove A/D too and I shave about 2 x a week. No odors, but I think it is a good idea to see your doc.

    I've never had yeast under my arms, but I have under my breasts and I find the OTC jock itch cream works fine. Because I don't wear a bra and have diabetes, I am prone to get yeast in those areas.

    If it is yeast, it could take 2 to 3 weeks to see any results.

    When I perspire, I do it mostly on my head. I don't know why, that is just the way I am.

    I am curious as to what your doc says to you. Can't hurt to try the yeast cream for a couple of weeks and see if the problems gets any better. It would make sense to me because under our arms we are talking about a moist and dark area, prime areas for yeast.

    Hope your frozen shoulder gets better. Took years for mine to be okay again.

    Hugs and happy Valentine's Day!
  3. daylilyfan

    daylilyfan New Member

    I hope others reply, as it will be interesting to see what they say.

    I get the yeast under my breasts often enough that I keep prescription cream on hand. Usually only in the summer though! Have half a tube left from last summer. I will even use athletes foot spray in a pinch if I am out of the prescription stuff!

    I'm thinking this has more to do with the RSD than the shoulder.

    If more people reply that they never had unusual sweating, or odor, then that will let me know it's the RSD.
  4. TXFMmom

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    I noticed that I had developed a very unpleasant odor which would not go away, I don't care what I used.

    Underarm deodorants did not work, and the smell is most unpleasant.

    I mentioned it to my internist who leaned back and and laughed and asked how much fish oil I am on. told him three capsules a day as he and the cardiologist wanted, and he told me I was his 40th patient to complain about the odor and they were all on fish oil. I switched to flax seed oil and the odor has subsided somewhat.


    The wetness does assist the bacteria in going wild, as they like moist, warm, dark areas.

    I have found that the alcohol hand preparations will kill the odor dead from normal underarm odor, when the other things do not work. They kill the bacteria.

    The fish oil, however, comes out through the skin via perspiration and body fluids and underarm in one of those places.
  5. daylilyfan

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    Thanks, TX...
    I don't take fish oil. I learned from my dog that using dog food with fish oil for the omega fatty acids gave her horrible breath. I use flax oil when I take any omegas. So can't be fish oil. And, I hate fish, don't eat it.

    I have tried using alcohol twice a day and that did not help.

    Thing is, I would think if it's a yeast thing, I would have itching or redness to the skin under there, which I do not. Still won't hurt to try treating it that way, since I have the cream on hand.

    RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) has unusual sweating as a symptom. Since only one side sweats, and only one side has this odor, it must have something to do with either the RSD, or the fact that I can't move the arm. If it was something organic, like a new med, or if I was using fish oil, I would think that both under arms would smell the same. Does that make sense?

    This RSD is the strangest thing to have. So very painful, but other than that, it has the strangest symptoms. One time I look at my hand, and it's all dark red and puffy with my nails looking blue... and an hour later, it almost looks normal. Then, an hour later, it's cold as ice, and bright red. And, the problem is in my shoulder, but the visible symptoms show in my hand. Go figure.
  6. daylilyfan

    daylilyfan New Member

    bumping so more can see who have had frozen shoulder....
  7. vickiw

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    I had it a few years ago and did not notice any more sweating or odor. BTW, someone mentioned it lasted years... if your insurance will cover it, physical therapy helps. It hurt like crazy, but my shoulder was back to normal in a couple of months.

    Currently, my right shoulder hurts and has limited range of motion. I'm trying to keep it moving despite the pain, so I don't need physical therapy. No excessive sweating or odor this time either.
  8. daylilyfan

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    Vicki, I went to physical therapy. They pretty much kicked me out. They taught me all the exercises, and I am doing them here at home. Because of the RSD, it's a fine line between doing to much and keeping it moving. I still go to massage therapy twice a week, and she gets the shoulder moving more too. With RSD, you can't really push till you hit pain, or it can make the RSD spread.... so my range of motion suffers. It's going to be a long uphill battle. I am just thankful that the RSD is slowly getting better - as almost all get worse, not better.

    I do the thing where you lean over and do little circles with your arm, I "crawl" up the wall with my hand, I have a shoulder exercise pully on a door that I use for 20 minutes. I lay flat and have a big dowl stick that I hold and try to move over my head. Plus about 20 other exercises that I rotate doing. It all adds up to about 2-1/2 to 3 hours a day.

    My original injury that caused the RSD and shoulder problem was caused by going to physical therapy for fibro/muscle spasms in my upper back. The therapy director was doing an evaluation on me and kept telling me "you can reach back farther than that - even if it hurts - try harder!!" so I did... and tore a muscle, ended up with tendonitis, bursitis, and it became RSD in a few weeks. It's my understanding that I can't even sue for my medical expenses because she was doing a "standard evaluation".... My feeling is that she was the head of the department of a very large hospital, was supposed to be very experienced in fibro treatment, and had just said to me that I had the tightest muscles by far that she had ever felt. I feel she should not have pushed me to the point of tearing my muscles. Figures that you can sue McDonalds if you spill coffee on yourself, but can't sue for expenses if someone who should know better tells you to do something that causes you a lifetime injury.

    Needless to say, I changed to a different therapy place for my latest treatments!!!

    anyway....LOL --- the FDS I tried yesterday did work! It was a longshot, but it worked. At least I have something to use while I go to work now.
  9. laura81655

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    I had a frozen shoulder that started three years ago. I don't have full range of motion and I still get burning down that arm from time to time. The pain also spread to my upper back.

    But I wanted to ask about is your RSD. I have been going around in circles seeing different MD's concerning my feet for the past 13 months. They thought at first it was tendonitis. They turn red and hot, some swelling, or bluish and can be freezing cold. In fact, one foot can be red and hot, and the other one is bluish and cold.

    I finally went to see a Rheumatologist that my PCP sent me too out-of-network. He is affiliated with UCSD, a Reaserch Hospital. He is also the head of Rheumatology at UCLA. Well, this Dr. is thinking along the lines of RSD. He is having me repeat the x-ray to my feet. My left toes look different now than my right toes.

    I had a bone scan a few months ago and it did not show any Osteoporosis, but he said it doesn't always show it with RSD.

    I'm so frustrated, I just want a REAL diagnosis.
    I can't walk through a store anymore because of the pain.
    I take Elavil and Neurontin, and added a small dose of hydrocortisone which helped, before I took the oral cortisone I was basically bed-ridden because of the pain.

    Sorry that I wrote a book here, but I was wondering what you think since you have RSD. THank you !!

  10. jacampbell

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    CertainDri works for me when I get hot flashes. You can get it at the drug store. You only use it once or twice a week.
  11. daylilyfan

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    RSD - so hard to explain. Take the worst pain you can imagine and multiply by 100. For me, like having 10 knives in my shoulder all at once. I'm on a couple boards for it, and it seems everyone one has very severe muscle spasms in common. Also, the pain, swelling, and discoloration is much worse at night and when the baromoter is low, like right before a storm. Also, vibrations will really make the pain horrible. No more going to theatres or concerts for me. The sound system vibrations make me almost scream. Most people also have extream sensitivity to light touch. Can't stand a light breeze or light touch on the skin - such as a man will shave his arm to keep the wind from moving the hair on his arm when he walks, because the slight movement of the hair from the movement of the air from walking causes extream pain. My hand's skin is so shiny, it looks like it's been polished. That is another common sign. Nails will be different - mine have sort of bluish nail beds, but the nail itself is sort of cream color, and they are very ridged. Some have extra hair growth that is dark and coarse, but mine is soft and downy, but a lot of it. And, temperature changes... the affected side will be colder than the other side even when it feels like it's burning. You can't STAND if someone touches you... makes you literally scream. If you do a search for RSD and Hope that should bring up a good site. IF you think it might be RSD, you should get to a good pain management doc that has treated RSD and try getting a block and see if it helps. I had two right away, and it helped quite a bit. My hand on my affected arm used to be ice cold, and now it is much more normal, and I dont' have to wear a glove on it 24/7. Topamax helps more people than Neuronton according to the message board I am on. Most people do some sort of physical therapy. I found massage therapy helps me the most.
    I have heard that it takes going to 6-7 docs before you get a diagnosis of RSD. I have gone to 5. 4 say yes, 1 says no. The one that says no is using out of date information.
    Rheumys are not the normal ones who diagnose RSD. It's usually pain managment docs, neurologist, physiatrist, or orthopaedics. There are a lot of symptoms, and usually each person does not have all the symptoms. I have most, but not the sensitivity to wind or light touch.. but can't have anyone touch me unexpected.
    If you had your injury 13 months ago, you are right on the edge of the "window" where you could still turn it around, if that is what you have.

    I'd say if you have burning pain, like your foot is in VERY VERY hot water, but yet it is cold to the touch, it is bright red, it is very swollen, you have shiny skin, you have either hair or nail changes, you have very severe muscle spasms... and nothing, even narcotics makes a dent in the pain... then you could have it. Most of the things I just mentioned in this paragraph are the things most people seem to have in common. OH, and also that it is much much worse at night, with low barometer, and with vibration.

    If so, get to a pain management doc for blocks. They are diagnostic as well as helpful.
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  12. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    Does Prednisone help your pain? The low dose hydrocortisone helps a little, but I know that I can't be on that for too long.

    Yes, the pain is incredibly hard to deal with at times. My husband tried to massage lightly my left foot and I about came out of my skin. I don't have the shiny skin thing going on though.

    I don't think that the Neurontin is helping that much, thanks for advice concerning Topamax.
    My toes look strange now on my left foot, so I think they are checking for Osteoporosis again with an x-ray. Do you have that??

    The aquatic therapy pool helps me some managing the pain.

    I'm glad to hear that you are doing a little better.

  13. daylilyfan

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    sorry I was editing my post as you were replying.

    there are often bone changes... they will show sometimes on x ray or on triple phase bone scans. I don't have it yet, because mine was caught so early. After years of RSD, there is much bone loss to the affected limbs.

    Also the pain is on many levels... both at the surface, where the burning is, and in the muscle layer is, where the spasms are it feels like knives, and then what we call the "deep bone pain" which is what hurts so bad at night and when the weather changes. It's like you can feel your bones throbbing.

    I did go on a "burst" of prednisone and it did help some. But, I've been off it now a few weeks, and the pain is coming back to the same level it was at before.

    I have been doing a CD meditation by Shinzen Young called Break Through Pain that has really helped me. That and the wonderful Massage therapist. I think her work with me has saved the use of my hand and arm.