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  1. darude

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    I'M ABOUT TO HAVE SURGERY AND AM WONDERING WHAT YOUR REACTION WAS? I have to be put out and am wondering about reactions with these DD's. If you have any tips about what to do before I would appreciate it.
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    As far as from the fibro, the only symptoms are increased pain, & pain from the hospital beds. They generally are very hard, & I need a soft one. You might ask your doctor ahead of time for him to arrange for you to have an air mattress put on top of the regular mattress, or some of the foam that can be put on. Most hospitals have both of these, because physical therapy uses them w/ patients. You need to request ahead of time though. Don't wait till after surgery to request, you will probably never see it, which is what happened to me.
    Good luck, & I wish you the least amount of pain as possible. Heal soon! And hugs!!
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    I had surgery on 11/5 for gallbladder. I stayed in the hospital 3 days. Many people try to go home the same day - It was a laparacope procedure.

    Don't let them rush you to go home too soon. If you are having alot of pain, weakness, etc. ask to stay in the hospital if needed.

    I am sure they will take excellent care with you but don't hesitate to ask for pain meds if needed. Drink water, but you will probably have IV's also.

    When I was in hospital, they kept up antibiotics until 5 minutes before I was discharged. I don't know if it was because of gallbladder surgery, or what.

    When is your surgery?
  4. munch1958

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    I don't envy you. The operations I had before FM were much easier. I struggled with pain control issues (good old substance P). Anywhere they've done invasive procedures I end up with another sore spot. Don't know what can be done with those.

    I met with the anesthesia department in advance to be certain they would know about my problems with allergies to medications. I wanted to be certain they would order the right pain med for me too. This was all ignored of course and I had to wait for 36 hours to get the right medication to take care of the pain.

    I didn't make the same mistake twice. For the next surgery I brought a letter with me detailing my issues with medications and made the doctors all sign it. This way I knew they understood my special needs.

    I also have problems with vomiting after anesthesia. Surgeries #5,6 & 7 were very long and I traveled from IL to PA. My team of doctors were very used to keeping patients under for long periods. They used Reglan and newer meds on me and for the first time I didn't get sick! I was so happy with the combination of anesthesia I asked for a copy of the record in case I ever needed it again.

    I can't sleep at home in my own bed. Sleeping in the hospital is a huge problem for me. I have brought in my own sleeping medications because some doctors won't order them.
    Find out if your doctor is one of them in advance.

    Even if you don't use the sleeping pill knowing you have it makes a HUGE difference. You don't want to be counting ceiling tiles at 3 AM.

    In instances where I've had to use something of my own, I've told the doctors what I had taken so it wouldn't interact with what they planned on giving me. No doctor has ever gotten angry with me for supplying my own meds. They just want to know about it.

    I bring my favorite socks (they will usually let you wear them in the OR in the USA) and pillows from home. If you have a hot pack or a cold compress you like bring those along. They can always microwave or freeze it for you.

    I've very sensitive to smells so I bring all my own unscented lotion and potions. Hospitals are very dry to begin with and dry mouth is even worse after surgery. That throat tube is annoying for days afterwards. Throat lozenges or hard candy can help.

    Bring a great pen, paper, calendar, your journal, etc. Small photographs or get well wishes from family and friends are nice.

    When we are separated for any reason, my husband and I have had a tradition of buying one greeting card for each day usually for the person that's traveling or away from home. The envelopes are dated and you get to open one per day. We've got 18 years of nice memories stored away.

    I bring some funny paperbacks to cheer me up. Janet Evanovich's "One for the Money" series made me laugh out loud. Now is not the time to be reading serious stuff.

    I bring CDs and a portable player. I like Belleruth Naparstek's Health Journeys: A Meditation to Help With Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue.

    She has some CDs for other issues. Another nice CD is Health Journeys: A Meditation to Promote Successful Surgery. These are sold at many places including Amazon. I also like Gary Prim's CD "Beautiful Thoughts" and Delta & Alpha Relaxation System by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

    Check on what meds/supplements you might need to stop before the surgery and when. If you are on a special diet for food allergies/intolerances brings some snacks. You might end up with rubber Jell-o.

    Find out if need to adapt your home when your return. I had a knee replaced so I needed a raised up potty with hand rails and a machine that flexed my knee all night long while I was sleeping. The wheelchair and triangle for over the bed for hoisting myself up and out of bed were rented.

    My last surgery was a year ago (for a trocar puncture hernia from a laparoscopy). I needed a step stool to climb up into bed. I just couldn't swing my legs up off the floor. After having my family do this part for me I felt useless. With the stool I could do it on my own.

    It's essential to have round the clock help when you first get home. Surround yourself with positive people. We'll be praying for you and sending healing vibes your way. Good Luck!

  5. darude

    darude New Member

    info is great
  6. keelieo

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    I've had 2 foot surgeries since my diagnosis (one of which was 1 week ago today) and my doctor seems surprised at the amount of pain I'm experiencing. I think it has to do with the Fibro. My husband told me I needed to "toughen up" the other day and it really pissed me off!
  7. kjfms

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    Are they finally taking out the PT? Sorry if I am being too personal. I will be seeing a neurosurgeon soon mine has to come out.

    I have had three surgeries since being diagnosed with FMS.

    I so agree with asking for something soft for the bed that was one of my worst problems when I had my hysterectomy which was abdominal so I was in for three days.

    If it is for your PT you will be in for at least 2 days so I would make sure you do this.

    From what I have read if this is for your PT you will spend most of you time sleeping and will continue this when you go home.

    I truly wish you the best of luck and please know you are in my prayers.

    God's speed Darude -- I feel you will be blessed,

    Karen :)
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    I've had many surgeries, about 8 cosmetic ones and now just one week from second hip surgery (hip resurf, similar to total hip replacement...very invasive).

    I always recover faster than everyone else, have less pain, and LOVE anasthesia.

    Once I had a 4+ hour facelift, was driven home and immediately went to work on phone/computer while the nurse I hired kept calling the doctor saying "she won't lay down".

    My hip surgeries have been a breeze. Unlike most I could walk immediately and did not need the cane/crutches the others in surgery with me did and they were younger! I did have fatigue from deep surgery initially and after, but even "normal" people have that.

    I feel like my over-revved immune system loves to have something to really sink it's teeth into, like healing from surgery. I heal fast, doctors always comment I scar well, have high pain tolerance. I do get in trouble for doing too much too soon after surgery, because I feel so good. I believe the surgery makes me feel good and the rest after surgery is more than I usually get.

    I take doxepin/klonopin on a regular basis and the anasthesia seems to work well with those meds. I tell the anasthesiologist I may need more meds than most people since I've got a tolerance built up. I also tell him to give me the "party" anasthesia. I've never been as joyful as I was in the hospital after hip surgery due to that great anasthesia.

    I did get sick once from anasthesia, from a schlock doctor. I think there are bad, probably cheap anasthesia meds, then the better meds.

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