For those who have lyme or think they do

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    Lou Dobbs on cnn at 6:00pm,est,will be discussing lyme.

    I e-mailed, just go to cnn,look for his name. They already responded that they had read it.

    Mention how much we cost society and our lives. Since he is a money man.

    Noticed lately quite a few here have mentioned lyme. We suffer both and mycoplasma shows up too, with many lyme.It is hard to seperate my fm/cfids/symptoms,sometimes I can.

    I also thanked them for having a program. Hope it is good since there is such a huge cover-up on lyme. Excuse me SARS but we came 1st. Has destoyed so many lives also. It is becoming somewhat epidemic since it can be spread to our children. Still CDC is not been very helpful. Poor Tests also,many neg. are poss. Most labs use cdc standards except for 3. They are much more reliable.

    Thanks e-mail if you can!!