for those who have trouble typing and reading

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  1. 28years

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    Someone mentioned on this board that they type for a living, but because of hand coordination problems they are having a hard time doing it. I'm sorry I forgot your name. I tried but couldn't find your post again.

    I have been unable to type for many years because of hand coordination problems. I used Dragon NaturallySpeaking to type. I'm using it to type this. It's a voice-activated software that when you talk, it types. I'm not sure how much it cost as I've had mine for many years. It's not free from mistakes, but it works pretty good.

    Also, I have a lot of trouble reading. I use talking books from the Library of Congress for the blind and physically handicapped to read books. This is all free. You need to get a doctor or social worker to sign the forms for you.

    On the computer, I use a screen reader. It reads the words on the screen. I usually only use this for long posts. The software used for this is NVDA which can be found at This is free, open label software. It has a few bugs (not viruses -- it is just not near perfect).

    anyway, I just thought pass that along in case it might help anybody.
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    I borrow talking books from the public library at no cost. Maybe you can too!
  3. msbsgblue

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    This is very interesting to me. Is it expensive or just software please explain.

    Oh the lighter side of this, since both my husband and I have this, there might me a lot of moaning and groaning typed on here.
  4. Juloo

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    The standard version is around $100, and the upgraded one (don't know what features are added) is about $200.

    Someone recommended it to me for my son, who has problems with handwriting. I've looked into it, but have not purchased it yet.

    Heard lots of good things, though!
  5. mezombie

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    Thanks for posting this, 28 years.

    I'll definitely look into this software.

    ATM, my eyes feel like they're broiled!
  6. gapsych

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    I have used a similar type for my students with LD. I do not know the brand or price but I do know a lot of students who are frustrated with writing have done well on it.

    Great idea.

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    This is a really great post with so much useful information, the only tip I can share is that you will many a time find my posts with no capital letters. It helps because I can limit my finger reach at least a little bit.

    Take care...and thanks again for all the really great idea's!!

  8. Juloo

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    I have a fan-fiction habit, but rarely have time to sit and read so much online. I do, however, have time while doing text or graphic work on the computer to listen to something in the background.

    A year or so ago, I tried a free program (not the one you posted) -- and it did fine...just until it ran into a paragraph break.

    I'm going to give the one you mention a try. It would be GREAT to have this option -- especially if it could read my continuing education coursework to me. For some reason it seems to stick really well that way.

    One of the little quirks I found fun about the free software I downloaded before is that it took a phonetic approach to unfamiliar words or names. And so, in Harry Potter fan fiction, I'd get the giggles every time "Her-my-own" came on the scene!
  9. msbsgblue

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    Nuance has this for $99. for the upgraded version on sale with headphones free if you order soon.
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    My sensory overload is very bad. I couldn't read text for years as I always saw the text swimming around the page. I've learned to take a blank sheet of color paper & place it on the opposite page to keep my eyes from seeing too much. Kind of like folding down the newspaper to eleminate the text. It's best for me to read in daylight & never any coated paper at night when it is too reflective.

    Also, I use post-its to cover up the computer screen when ads or images move on various sites. I also set the computer screen settings to as low as possible to be able to read text full screen.

    best thoughts.