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    What do you guys use ? what kind of exercise do you perform to feel better? what kind of herb do you prefer for sleeping? magnesium is wk wonders for me, but sometimes i get up in the middle of the night and need something for that.
    Also I have gained a great deal of weight how do you keep all the weight under control?

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    Hi, sssupermom. I've been under the care of a doc who prescribes homeopathics and herbal remedies for more than a year, and it is helping me a lot.

    I take 10 drops of Galium Heel on my tongue twice a day for my immune system.

    From K'an Herbals, I take 2 750 mg tabs of "Quiet Contemplative" twice a day. This contains rehmannia glutinosa radix (cooked), Cornus officinalis fructus, Dioscorea opposita radix, poria cocos sclerotium, alisma orientale rhizome, paeonia suffruticosa cortex, morus alba fructus, lycium barbarum fructus, polygonum multiflorum radix cooked), cuscuta chinensis semen, eclipta prostrata herba, ligustrum lucidum fructus.
    *This calms my reactivity and quiets my stress level, allowing my immune system to repair itself.

    From Health Concerns, I take 3 tabs 2x day of Astra Essence, which contains Astragalus root & seed, ligustrum fruit, ho-shou-wu root, lycium fruit, rehmannia root, eucommia bark, cuscuta seed, ginseng root, tang-kuei root, cornus fruit.
    *This remedy is for my immune system.

    To prevent candida flares, I take ProSeed's Grapefruit Seed extract (125 mg), one capsule 2x day. This works REALLY well for me.

    For energy and my immune system, I take 10 mg. of DHEA 2x daily.

    I take 120 mg. of magnesium daily.

    For digestive problems such as bloating, chronic diarrhea and/or constipation, I take 2 tabs of Heel/BHI's Hepeel.

    For sleep and pain, I do take Neurontin, which works very well for me.

    Finally, for really bad flares, to reduce pain, I take Rhus Toxicodendron 6, 3 pellets under my tongue, 2-3x day.

    I also receive regular myofascial release therapy and acupuncture. I use a chi swing (recommend it highly to keep bodily fluids moving and to encourage weight loss). When I can, I receive a foot reflexology treatment - this actually works great for me! Zero balancing treatments have helped also (you can find practitioners on the web).

    Re the weight...I just keep chipping away at it. I try to stick to a low carb, high protein diet. Eliminating sodas, caffeine and other baddies from my diet has made a big difference.

    Finally, as I have said elsewhere on this forum, I really try to walk on my treadmill or outside as close to daily as I can manage. This keeps my overall system functioning well, and it's good for my brain. This winter, I've added Pilates; while challenging, the stretching is really good.

    Whatever you do with alternative meds, try to find a professional who will work with you. Self-medication may not be a great idea unless you really know what you are doing. While I know a great deal about a number of things, I am not an expert in this area so refuse to add/subtract things without the participation of my doctor.

    Hope it all goes well for you.

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    Thanks for responding
    I do walking 5x a wk for 20 min in my treadmill, also pilates for about 10 mins maybe 2x a week because it hurts me a little bit.
    As far as taking supplements I am seeing a natural MD and I am using a few things but it can get far magnesium is at the very top of my list for helping me feel better.
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    Hi Ssupermom:

    I have tried all the alternative meds and treatments, and have weeded out what helps me. I take an herbal remedy for sleep called "Dr.s SleepAid". It contains Valerian, passion flower, and hops. I take 2 tablets at night and I fall asleep in one hour. I wake up refreshed and no hangover, like you get with prescription meds such as elavil. It works great. The only drawback is that it stinks. Yep, it smells like old gym socks, but if you can get it past your nose, it works!!! And you get used to the smell after a while. It also takes a few days to a week to work, as it is an herbal supplement. It's safe and effective, for me.
    I have tried accupuncture, which made my fms worse.
    I have tried reflexology, massage, electromagnetic therapy, yoga, and various herbal meds including CoQ10, increased magnesium and manganese. Nothing has helped except the yoga. I do gentle stretching form of yoga only and it is terrific.
    I hope your journey down the alternative medicine path goes well. I am going to start coral calcium and zma, due to reading the posts on this site. Worth a try.
    good luck and keep us posted.