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    May I give some of you a GREAT suggestion, I was given this information way back and thank god I did what I was told by people who had also won the social security award.

    Of course waiting for the social security award can take forever for most of us, years is normal!
    The stress is high, we worry if we will get approved-
    Than when we get approved and the weight is lifted!

    Now the majority of us will get a review down the line, if your young count on it.
    So what I was told back in 1999 by My shrink and friends turned out to be great advice-
    Even though you have been approved you will get reviewed, when depends on social security and your health conditions.

    I saw many Drs and had many, many tests- I tried so many different things to get better, to function and just to keep me from getting worse!
    I saw an accupuncture person, tried trigger injections, tried working a DO doctor, tried several pain clinics, massage therphy, pool therphy and so on!

    Well I got a letter a few years after my award was approved advising me social security needed to do a paper review.
    This is when they ask for ALL your medical records on the last few years. Well my current two Drs I was seeing had to send in the medical records by a certain date- they did BUT I asked several times to make sure, mistakes in my city by drs are common but it seems it is everywhere! double check your current drs that the paper work is turned in!

    Now the social secuirty forms wanted as much information as possible and also asked what else did I do to try and improve my conditions- thank god I got copies of all the other Drs I saw and even the massage person, accupncturist-
    and so on!
    I sent in my Mris, c-scans, blood tests just in case my current doctors didnt sometimes if your Dr sends you to go for a test the may not get a copy-or if they do they may not send it in.- its best social security have dupe records than none!

    So I didnt hear from social secuirty for a year! Even though they advised me I would receive a letter from them in a few months- I didnt call since I know how long it can take for them to get to my case- they are very, very busy as we know!

    So a year went by and I got a letter stating they want me to go see one of THEIR Drs for a full review- no problem, I went and was so glad I brought all my records- it was a huge stack- reason is the Dr had nothing on me and he asked me so many question of what tests I had done, who, etc.
    Who can remember all that!!! So glad once again I had my stack of copies!
    He was glad I brought the records and made copies of what he thought was important for my review-

    He was very nice and understood my situation.
    Social security recievd his review and I was
    approved for countuined benifets by social secuirty.BUT a review can be done at anytime again the letter stated.

    I hope this helps people since many think after they get an award that all is OK . Not true since some people do get better to go back to work- part-time, or companies who work with disabled people.
    Having all these records was the best advice I ever had!

    And finally, a friend of mine had a full medical review-
    Well she need to get some of her old records from a Dr she had stop seeing-
    She went back to the dr she had stop seeing after years of seeing him and he was gone! She coudlnt find him or her records!
    Now there are laws that records have to be saved for so many years but her just disappeared, she tried to get help through the AMA but they had no idea where he was at-
    Most likley he stopped his practice.
    She had trouble getting her social security approved since a big chunk of her visits were with this Dr that left her high and dry! Finally she did get approved but the stress of waiting even longer was enough to kill her.

    Social Secuirty are very nice people and understand the problems with records and Drs not getting them in on time but it is our job to make sure the records get to Socail Secuirty- they attempt a few times but PLEASE follow up!

    any questions I would be glad to answer- if I can!
    thanks and good luck to all- jgavi

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