for those whose spirituality does not include religion- excellent book-

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    this post is not for a fight. its is my belief. everyone is entitled to their beliefs.

    i know there are some people on here who are trying to learn, and think, and grow, and find out more about their beliefs and spirituality. a book that i loved is called "the god delusion" by richard dawkins. it is anti religion and pro atheist. it's brilliantly written and i found it soooo refreshing for a change to read something on religion that i totally agree with. its like he read my mind, only he is way more educated, and eloquent!!

    for those who "question" - this book is a fascinating read.

    for those who are religious and are believers- it may be an interesting read so you can "see the other side" and understand WHY many people do not believe. of course you will probably not agree with nonbelievers, but you may understand us better.

    my father is a MAJOR Christian and reads the bible everyday, and reads many many christian books. one day he bought THIS book !!! and read it. I couldn't believe my eyes!! i asked him why he read it, and he said he wanted to see/understand what the athiests think. by the way, reading the book did not change his views at all, he is still Christian.

    has anyone else read this book? or heard of it? your thoughts?

    please be civil- thanks

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    it is on amazon - used- cheap. by the way, it is not an easy read. not recommemded reading if you are having a brain fog day. lol.

    i noticed on amazon there are a bunch of books written by believers to refute Dawkins book. veery interesting. i think most of the time no one changes their mind on this subject (to believe or not.) well, maybe only those who are searching for the answer, who have not totally made up their minds yet.

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    Well, I thought I was done posting this morning! This is just too interesting.

    I have not read Dawkins' book but I have heard his speak and seen him interviewed. He's a clever lad, for sure. He reminds me of a good friend of mine who is a Cambridge educated oncologist and head of either the Ontario or Canadian Humanists - don't remember. My friend was born Jewish in the UK but raised with Christmas and bangs out carols on his piano with great gusto even though he is anti-religion.

    What these two have in common, besides the culture and education, is their Belief in Science. To my mind a Belief in Science is every bit as problematic as a Belief in the bible being the literal word of G-d (what my beautiful step-daughters believe) or that one's religion is somehow better than someone else's - my girls believe this, too. I think that my girls have a perfect right to their beliefs as does my friend and Dawkins.

    Personally, I like to maintain "don't know mind". This is a Buddhist perspective that leaves the question of God open. Buddhism has diversity of belief just like all faiths and not all Buddhists cherish Don't Know Mind the way I do. I choose to live consciously with what I do not, cannot know.

    I understand that there are parts of my brain which are designed to create the impression in me that I am not alone in the universe. I don't know if that's intended to delude me or if it is simply the mechanism by which I connect with the divine. I can't know. None can know. Don't know mind!

    I have beliefs but I try to prevent them from becoming Beliefs. I believe that we are not meant to have these answers or we would all have them. I believe that we come here to shed the stuff (fear, hostility, greed, anger...) that that which we call God cannot contain. I Believe that we should strive to rid ourselves of these things no matter. I Believe that we should care for and love each other. I Believe that our salvation lies in understanding the interconnectedness of all sentient beings - and, probably, non sentient beings too.

    There is an Atheist/Humanist group lobbying to have "No God" ads put on buses in Ottawa and, this very day, the Humanists and the Religious are demonstrating against each other! No matter what, we seem to be able to find a way to get all riled up about God. No matter what we believe we seem far too eager to tell everyone else that they are wrong.

    I think we have come a long, long way here on this board. In our own way, I think we have overcome much of this desire to be right while others are wrong. If we could all do this - all be peaceful and rest in what we believe while respecting others and knowing that God, however you understand God, can take care of God - we could more easily work together to create a better, more just and less violent world.

    But, of course, that's just what I believe. What do I know? I don't know.

    Peace out,
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    I also did not think I would post again.

    My dad was a professor in speech and debate so I grew up where I was encourage to think of all sides of a question. I am very inquisitive to this day and love to learn about all aspects of a theory. It is fascinating.

    I will definitely look up the book.

    Jimmy Carter, who is a devout Christian, wrote a book on why church and state need to be separated. I think he is such a moral person as well as his wife. Maybe that is why he did not make such a good president, LOL. I do not mean to imply that he was a "bad" for lack of a better term, president.

    Being informed which also means learning about all the issues of a topic, may not change our beliefs but makes us well rounded people.

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    Yeah, seriously, what happened to Jimmy and Roselyn? Jimmy Carter is a great man. Perhaps we must wait for the fullness of time, as they say, because he certainly is not getting much respect right now.

    Just another thing, among many, that I do not understand.

    Peace to you, Gap,
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    Yes, Jimmy is still walking the talk. History will judge him differently than his contemporaries, I'm a thinkin'.

    I guess if you and I appreciate that "peanut farmer" as we do, we are not alone.

    Here's to Jimmy Carter!

    Peace out, Jam, Peace out,
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    thanks for all the comments. i am glad everyone was civil!!!

    i agree that Jimmy Carter is a good guy. cares about people, tries to help.

    Rafiki- i get you about the "i dont know". I am not one of those 100% athiests who are absolutely positive there is no god. there might be. for me, i think it is much more probable that there is not any god, but i cant be sure of that. i remain open. i think its ok to "not know".

  8. Rafiki

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    Thank you for "getting" don't know mind! It's always so good to be gotten!

    I have always felt quite sure that there is a great source of love/compassion and I have always loved the love. I am so grateful for the love!

    Peace to you and yours,

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    I heard on our local news the other night that a full 15% of the US poplulation claim some form of aethism...that's quite a bit so no need to feel out of place.

    My own grandmother (lived in Germany) felt the same as you-- she observed nature in her own way and I loved her dearly. I did do some research to understand her more (and my mother was raised that way but changed her beliefs) and found it helpful for me, even if it didn't change things. Understanding and empathy is key.

    I doubt my brain could pick at such a book but it sounds like a fascinating read.

    Take Care,