For Those with Chronic EBV - NIH Study Recruiting

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rockyjs, Jan 3, 2013.

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    There has been recent research on a possible gene mutation that can cause chronic EBV and susceptibility to other viral infections. It has to do with magnesium transport. My immunologist had mentioned it to me a few years ago, but now there is actually a study to look for mutations causing chronic viral infections.

    Here is the OMIM page about the EBV susceptibility mutation:

    This is the link to the study that will be looking for gene mutations that affect immunity:

    I don't have any autoiummune diseases but I do get constant viral infections like EBV, CMV, Parvo, etc. My spleen is often so enlarged it's hard to sleep. What's odd is that I never get bacterial infections. I have had lymphocyte proliferation tests that show almost no response and my CD4+ count is low. These are exactly the criteria they are looking for.

    Hope some of you can get in on the study - it doesn't require any travel, just medical records documenting the immune issues and routine blood draws.

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    Thanks for this information Jan.

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