For those with domestic abuse issues

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    I saw a documentary show on TV and the husband and wife separated because the husband was an abuser and highly controlling. It turns out the husband had installed a GPS system on the wife's car so he could track everywhere she went without her knowledge even though they were separated. Fortunately the wife found it and took it out. The husband got into the place where she lived and wrote a suicide note FROM THE WIFE on her computer--he had plans to kill her and made it look like suicide. She went to the police with it all.

    The husband is presently serving a sentence in prison for what he did, but if you or anyone you know are in a similar situation, have a mechanic check for a GPS system on the car.
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    BroadCasting, you are SO RIGHT--and I hope anyone with abuse problems will fully recognize about everything that Broadcasting mentioned and that the bug on your computer is typically installing software on your computer to track where you go and what you post as well as who responds to you and what they post--highly dangerous to you or anyone that contacts you. And, the abuser can put bugs in your home and on your phone. Anything you find, you contact the police.

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